Defiance Season 4 Episode 3 Preview

Started by BigPimpin, May 03, 2011, 10:05:05 PM

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Defiance TV S04E03
Thursday, May 12th, 2011
Hosted @ Coleman Coliseum; Tuscaloosa, AL

Roleplay Deadline: Monday, May 9th, 2011; 11:59pm CST
Segment Deadline: Wednesday, May 11, 2011; 11:59pm CST

Main Event
World Tag Team Title Lumberjack Match

Darkness Falls


Money for Nothing & COOL for Free

Dante and Black Widow earned their shot, and now that they've effectively gotten the World Tag Team Champions on the ropes, can they keep them their long enough to take home the Gold? Or, will Jiles and White spend the national deficit to bring them down by any funds necessary? Time will tell as Darkness Falls take their first shot at the World Tag Team Titles with the rest of Blood Runs Deep at ringside to Lumberjack it up!

Tag Team Match

Boston Bancroft and Xavier Langston


St. Louis #3

Sometimes you throw crap at a wall to see what sticks. Right now, we're throwing the World Champion and the Number One Contender at the wall called St. Louis #3. Or, actually, the reverse of that. Either way, we figured it'd be entertaining to say the least!

Singles Match

Bronson Box


Eugene Dewey

Bronson Box has, if anything, seemed more determined and psychotic since his title loss against Boston Bancroft.  Maybe his loss bothers him more than he cares to admit, maybe Heidi's advancement up the card really does disturb him to his core, but whatever... Eugene Dewey just beat Chris Cannon, and now finds himself in Box's sights.  Dewey has been surprisingly successful in his DEF career so far, but one has to wonder if he'll even make it out of this match alive...

Singles Match
DeWayne Brown


Grizzly Gritsenko

Can you say DOUBLE DEBUT? I can, watch: Double Debut! Both of these guys come to DEF with a ton of promise and upward mobility, but which of them will have what it takes to get the duke in their first match under the defiant lights?

Southern Heritage Title Match

"The Sherrif" Jimmy Kort



Jimmy Kort has said time and again that he wants to be a fighting champion. After having last week off he's demanded a title defense this week. His contender? Whoever walks out of the show opening Battle Royal with a win!

Battle Royal
Chris Cannon, Chris Moliano, Jake Donovan, Robert E. Lewis, Chase and Lincoln, The Mage, Troy Matthews, Ty Jaxxon, Trendkiller

With so many new names and returns in Defiance, sometimes you just need a nice big cluster to sort things out.  We've got a battle royal with newcomers like Chris Moliano, Robert Lewis and the Mage, veterans like Jake Donovan and Chris Cannon, the Knights of the Round and Chase and Lincoln all involved as singles wrestlers, and to cap it all off the big bald badass known only as the Trendkiller!

Also on the show:
-- WHODUNNIT?!?!?! Before her title match, Heidi Christenson was attacked brutally in the locker room and left face down in a pool of her own blood.  Although Bronson Box is indisputably the prime suspect, as has already been noted he's far from the only one...
-- Speaking of Heidi Christenson, she's obviously not booked on this card, but we hope to get an update on her status - specifically when or even if she's coming back.
-- Trendkiller beat up  Robert E. Lewis in such emphatic fashion that he broke the freaking ring doing it!  Is this level of brutality going to be tolerated by the boys in the back - or indeed by Defiance or ESEN staff? And if so, who else is on the chopping block?

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