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Gone—Not Forgotten vs Before This Gets Out of Hand

Started by JDub, December 24, 2006, 12:08:52 AM

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If I have Goneâ€"Not Forgotten out and I play a mean and my opponent reverses it with Before This Gets Out of Hand does the maneuver go to the bottom of my arsenal or back to my hand?

Goneâ€"Not Forgotten
Pre-match: Event
A card from your hand is not successfully played: put that card on the bottom of your Arsenal instead of your Ringside

Before This Gets Out of Hand
Mid-match Reversal: Mean
Overturn 3 cards.
If the reversed card was played from your opponent’s hand, it goes into his hand instead of his Ringside.
F:0 D:0


same as Piper's Pit Vs. Banned from Ringside, your opponent resolves his reversal and outside effects(before this gets out of hand), before gone-not forgotten can put it on the bottom.
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No, its not the same thing as Piper vs Banned. Its more like I Gotta Say vs Banned. Which because Banned, and in this case Gone, is an outside effect. it would trigger before the text of Before and then it would go beneath.
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The Banned vs. I Gotta Say analogy is correct. Gone mandatorily forces the Mean that got hit by Out of Hand to the bottom before it can bounce into your hand.

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