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JBL at Ringside

Started by Daeva, May 30, 2010, 11:49:21 PM

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<JBL is in his dressing room, the camera on him from the doorway as he talks on the phone.>

JBL: Hey, Sho, this is John. You know, JBL. I was thinkin' we could get together this weekend after the show, talk about old times, crack open a few beers. I'll bring Ron up, maybe see if I can find that little black butler that we used to have back on SmackDown! It should be a good time, call me back.

<Jeremy Borash comes into the shot.>

JB: Hey, sorry about that, my wife called.

JBL: No problem. You ready to get this promo going?

JB: Sure, John. Hey, camera guy, come on in here.

<JB and JBL glance at each other as the cameraman comes inside and they can see that the camera is live. Panic flashes over JB's face for a minute before JBL just laughs.>

JB: I'm here with John Bradshaw Layfield, going back to the announce table tonight in his role as ringside commentator for Alpha's match against James Altraz. JBL, Alpha certainly seems to think that you're going to get yourself involved in the match, do you have any thoughts on that?

<JBL shakes his head, removing his ten gallon hat.>

JBL: Jimmy, I was an announcer for hundreds of matches on Smackdown and on pay-per-view. At no time did I ever inject myself into the action. Do you know why? Because I am a professional. Trish Stratus obviously sees my talent as a color commentator and wants me there to drown out Joey Styles so people actually listen to the commentary. I have no intention on involving myself in Alpha's match with James Altraz, and in fact, I wish him the best of luck. Every match that Alpha has wears him out just a little more, stretches him just a little further, until I get to get my hands on him. I give Alpha my word that his match with James Altraz will not suffer from my presence at Ringside.

JB: And what about Funaki's presence? We saw Alpha try to buy him off just this past week.

JBL: Sho Funaki and I go way back in this business. I know him, he's a good man. If Alpha wants to try and buy him, that's his business, not mine.

JB: I've gotta say, JBL, you seem remarkably...well, good-natured. You haven't even said anything bad about the fans.

<JBL grins.>

JBL: What have I got to be unhappy about?

<The camera zooms in on his grin as it fades to black.>
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