The Rules and Regulations of Team Canada Online

Started by CreedP, December 07, 2006, 10:15:03 AM

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The following is a list of rules and regulations that the staff of Team Canada Online Forums have ordered and it is of the user's duty to follow all of the following rules. By posting on this site, you are agreeing with the rules and regulations that help keep the TCO Forums in order. If you do not wish to be a part of the website any longer, contact one of the Administrators and we will promptly delete your account. In all rule situations below, if you are caught breaking a rule, a warning will be issued. See Consequences below.

Account Rules

1 - If your account is caught with an obscene name, name with characters like '#', '&', etc., or anything that can be offensive by another user, we will immediately ask you to change that information on your account. Depending on the circumstance, TCO Staff reserves the right to delete the account or ban the account.

2 - Every signature must be 10 lines or less long including spaces. This means in your profile, in the box where you enter your sig, can only be 10 lines. Not 10 lines in your post.

3 - Do not "steal" another person's avatar. We will spare no expense of removing the said avatar.

4 - Do not direct link a picture or avatar from another person's site unless you have their expressed permission.

5 - Custom Taglines (Text underneath your name) can be earned by either reaching 2000 posts, making a 15-dollar donation to Team Canada Online, or by "bribing" an Administrator.

6 - Do not make more than 1 username. If you forgot your password, contact an Administrator about getting a new password. If you are caught with more than 1 account/username, we will delete all of them and ban the E-Mail address/IP address.

7 - Changing Names on TCO can be earned by either reaching 3000 posts, making a 25-dollar donation to Team Canada Online, or by "bribing" an Administrator.

8 - Keep Avatars PG, if you're not sure if your Avatar would be allowable, ask a member of the staff.

9 - Do not include pictures in your Signature.

Basic Posting Rules

1 - Outside the Card Swap, you cannot "bump" your post. If no one is interested in the topic, let the topic be.

2 - Do not post a thread in all capital letters. The post will be deleted.

3 - Absolutely no "flaming" any other user, religion, sex, ethnicity, heritage, culture or anything else of that sort. The result will be immediate banning for the person who started the flame, anyone else involved will be warned based on the severity.

4 - Do not "cheat" a way around the filtering system for "cuss" words. Cheating the system includes such like D|ck, Fvck, S|-|it, and other of the such. Forms of cussing such as D*ck, F*ck, and Sh*t are acceptable.

5 - Do not start up a new thread of one that has already been locked/frozen, you may PM the mods/admins to inquire why it was frozen/locked.

6 - Do not post your topic in the Subject Title and simply have "Subject" or "Your Thoughts". This is post whoring and the Topic will be locked and most likely deleted. Post counts will be reduced. And warnings will be issued.

7 - Post Whoring is not allowed under any circumstances. 1 Sentence posts, or "I agree" posts will be deleted and post counts will be further reduced.

8 - Do not post Spoilers or potenial spoilers/Ideas of upcoming cards or Superstar.

9 - Do not post your main post in the subject line and then in the first post say see the title. I.E. A Subject with: Where do you live? and then the starting post to that thread is something like: Read the title of thread. This is considered post-whoring. Starting posts should assume the user has not read the title/subject and explain what the thread should be about.

10 - The Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to delete any post that is deemed  inappropriate to community standards. If the post is in poor taste, it may be better not to post it at all.

Rules Questions Forum Rules

1 - Please check the Frequently Asked Questions (located both on the forum and on and Previously Asked Questions on the forum before asking a question. If you ask a question that can be answered in one of those areas, the TCO Staff will kindly redirect you to the answer and lock the topic.

2- Due to Comic Images' crackdown on official game rules on unofficial sites such like the Yahoo! Group, Squared Circle Forums, Anarchy Wrestling Federation Boards and Team Canada Online Forums, Team Canada Online cannot give an official ruling unless the question was previously ruled by a Raw Deal official (such as Christopher "CREED" Pate) on TCO, Comic Images or any other Raw Deal site. In such, the TCO Staff and users are still able to help you with your questions and give the best answer possible showing evidence of such answer provided.

3 - Respect one's questions no matter how "dumb" the question might be. If it is answered on TCO before or if it is on the Frequently Asked Questions, redirect the user to such a location to the answer. If it is a "common sense" answer, please calmly point out the answer.

4 - Related to number 1, if you have a question please copy and paste all cards involved/section of the floor rules that confuse you. This may help in that you'll have to re-read what you're asking about and may answer yourself. If you post a question without copying and pasting pertinent info your thread will be locked.

5 - If you post a question that is easily answered in the FAQs/Floor Rule etc your thread will be locked and be redirected to where the official info is.

Raw Deal Online Forum Rules

1 - In any circumstace, do not give away any information such as an IP Address, phone number, or any other information that could put your internet identity in danger. We will delete the information given.

2 - You are allowed to "update" your challenge thread. When you update, please note on the post what day it is and how long the challenge is open.

Card Swap/Selling & Buying Forums Rules

1 - You must have at least a 25 Post Count to request access to Card Swap/Selling & Buying threads.

2 - In your list, do not include anything you are not willing to trade/sell. It's a 'Have and Want List'/'Selling List', not a 'I Have This and You Can't, Na Na Na Na Na Na List'.

3 - One "bump" per day. "Bumps" include updates. Only one list per forum (Trading & Buying/Selling are separate forums) in a month's time.  No exceptions.

4 - Do not ask for anything that is not on their haves/sell list and you may only ask for something not on their want list if it states in some context, 'All offers welcome'.

5 - Post only reasonable offers that are fair to all parties involved.

6 - Team Canada Online is not responsible for any 'ripper' or 'scammer' on our forums. If he is caught on our forums, all we are able to do are remove his rights to the forum and/or ban his account. It is up to you to file mail fraud and other charges.

7 - Team Canada Online traders are known for only accepting the Good/Bad Traders Forum as a reference towards trading. EBay references and others are not typicially welcome by users. If you are a new user or have negative feedback, you will most likely be asked to send your cards out first.

8 - If you are listing a set of cards as Full/Complete, that set must be 100% complete. Even if ONE card is missing, it should be listed as something like "near Full" or "almost Complete".

9 - Note, we do maintenance on these forums from time to time. Which means we delete old threads. Your post count will be reduced accordingly, i.e. you will lose the post counts gained from posting "Bump" and "PM'd ya" etc.

**NOTE** Our system is not perfect, no one's system is. Team Canada Online has done what it can to prevent "scammers" or "rippers" by installing the "Total Security" feature on the Card Swap. After a background check (to see if they were banned from the site or their privledges were removed), they will be cleared to have access to the Card Swap/Selling & Buying Forums.

Good/Bad Trader & Feedback Forums Rules

1 - When you complete a trade, reply to the 'Feedback Forum' thread in the Card Swap Forum and give the user you just traded with a '+1' or '-1'. We will not accept anything any number other than a 1 rating per trade.

2 - If you give a user a '-1', you must give a detailed reason why you gave the user that rating. If you do not, the rating is ignored and discarded.

3 - If you give a user a '+1', a comment towards the user is not required, but recommended.

4 - Any normal user cannot post a thread or reply on the Good/Bad Trader Forum. That is only accessable for editing by the Moderators and Administrators of the forums.

5 - If a user receives 3 negative feedback, their access to the card swap and selling & buying forums will be removed. If they rectify/resolve the negative feedback, they will be allowed to enter again.

Private Forums Rules

1 - To have a private forum on Team Canada Online, your forum must have more than 10 members accessable to it and you must have a purpose for a private forum. If you already have forums based on your team or subject, it is doubtful you will have a private forum on Team Canada Online.

2 - Each forum has someone who runs the forum. It is that person's right to accept or reject new members. It is also their right to remove a user's privledges from the forum.

3 - Each forum has a respected trademark that seperates them from any other user. For example: Team Agent has 'Agent' in front of their name, The Untouchables has 'Untouchable' in their avatar and Team Shiny Red Button has the red 'R' in their signature. These trademarks are NOT to be copied or mocked by any means, for it is each team's right to use such trademark as a sign of team unity. Note: This includes the blue 'B'.

Virtual Raw Deal Cards

1 - A lot of work is put into design, development, playtesting, and creation of the Virtual Raw Deal cards.  We know people are capable of making their own 'versions' of these, and while we request that this is not done, we can't stop it from happening.  However, they are NOT allowed to be posted on this website, either in posts or as avatars.  It's considered disrespectful to the people who work hard, so please respect their wishes, and understand that ignoring this rule will cause the images to be immediately removed.


The general stipulation towards breaking any three of the above rules will result in an immediate banning from Team Canada Online. If you break three of the Card Swap rules on the Card Swap forum or have a large amount of complaints of a person possibly scamming them, we will remove the person's card swap privileges for good.

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, please contact the Staff here and we will attend to your needs or concerns.
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