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Post Match Interview

Started by Joey Cilo, May 13, 2010, 07:19:48 PM

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Joey Cilo

Screaming fans can be heard throughout the arena as Joey Cilo is seen walking up the ramp holding his back in agony, trying to recover from his brutal defeat at the hands of Sean Storm as well as his injuries suffered at the hands of Chris Jericho. Joey Cilo slowly makes his way to the stage and walks through the curtain to the backstage area where he is met by JB.

JB: Joey, how do you feel about you're hard fought bout against Sean Storm?

Joey Cilo: You know usually, I would come up with excuses. Usually, I would say things like, "he cheated" or "I wasn't 100%." Tonight, the better man won the match, I give him credit.

JB: Well, what's next for Joey Cilo in CWA?

Joey Cilo: <clutching his ribs> I think I need some time off to rest to heal from my injuries. Yea, that sounds good, a nice relaxing vacation to the Bahamas. <violently grabs the mic from JB> Or I can take option B and start making a name for myself. I've noticed everyone on this roster has their agenda, they have their cards layed out already. They all know what they want. Me? I'm impulsive, the minute I see something I want, I immediately go for it without thought, I throw in all my chips and hope to God that lady luck is on my side. I am gonna make a wager with the CWA fans, that in 2 months, I will be a champion, whether it be a tag champion or the heavyweight champion, or even a title that has yet to be determined. I'm also gonna bet that <bends over in pain and gasping for breath> I am going to bet that Joey Cilo is going to be the one guy that everyone here can count on. The one sguy that is going to make a difference to everyone in the back, at ringside, and even in the stands! Yea sure, I haven't won a match in CWA as of yet, but I am not going to give up. I will keep fighting until i draw my last breath. bet On It!

Joey Cilo hands the mic back to JB and slowly continues his way back to his locker room as the show cuts back to ringside for the next match