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Started by Turd Ferguson, April 27, 2010, 01:40:33 AM

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Turd Ferguson

Joey Styles: Here we are for CWA Shockwave! The first pay-per-view in the history of the promotion!
Christopher Nowinski: Yes, the time for the real stars to shine. Like the Straight Edge Savior CM Punk and the DiBiase Brothers!
Joey Styles: Here is our first match between Chris Jericho and "Simply" Shawn Cortez.

Submission Singles Match
Chris Jericho w/Jason Myles vs Shawn Cortez

Cortez gains control early with an array of different holds and throws. Jericho is tired of getting tossed around and rolls out of the ring. Shawn follows him and gives chase around the ring. Y2J notices this and slides back into the ring. As Cortez follows he is ambushed by Jericho who starts beating him down with axe handles to the back! Jericho starts working on the lower back region with boots to the spine! He then lifts up and throws Shawn into the corner turnbuckle and hits him with shoulders to the gut! Jericho goes for a running splash, but Cortez moves out of the way. Chris staggers towards the middle of the ring T-Bone suplex! Out of instinct Shawn goes for a pinfall, but the referee reminds him that this is a submission only match. Cortez lifts Jericho up, but is raked in the eyes setting up a one handed bulldog! Jericho quickly transitions into the Lionsault! Jericho tries to capitalize by going for the WALLS...NO! Cortez counters into IT'S SIMPLY OVER! He wrenches down on Jericho's leg as he screams in pain, but Chris manages to grab onto the bottom rope to break the hold. Shawn Cortez gets back to his feet and tries lifting Jericho up...LOW BLOW! Y2J uses a dirty trick to bring Cortez down to his knees. The referee can not do anything because this match can only end in submission. Jericho shoves Cortez down and locks in the WALLS OF JERICHO! He brings him into a high angle and puts his knee into the back of Shawn's head. Cortez refuses to tap, but the pressure keeps building and eventually he has no choice but to slap on the mat!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Joey Styles: That's just wrong!
Christopher Nowinski: Jericho won fair and square because he is the best in the world at what he does.

#1 Contender's Singles Match
Dilbert vs John Bradshaw Layfield

Dilbert uses his quickness to get an early edge over Bradshaw. He keeps his distance and lands kicks to JBL's legs trying to wear down the base of his larger opponent. Eventually he gets too close and John catches his leg and brings him in for a short arm clothesline! JBL now slows down the pace of the match and slaps Dilbert into a bear hug! Dilbert struggles, but does not gain much ground and starts to fade away. The referee raises his falls, again and it falls, once more...but no! This time he starts rallying and the crowd claps to help him counter. Eventually Dilbert throws his weight forward knocking JBL into the ring ropes and breaking the hold. Dilbert tries to mount an offensive, but his back is hurting from the bear hug and he falls to one knee. As he rises up he sees JBL running right towards him....CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Dilbert swiftly ducks and Bradshaw nails the referee! JBL turns around right into a kick to the gut and the FINAL TALLY! Dilbert lays on top of him and the crowd counts, but it's no use the referee is out of it. Suddenly Mike DiBiase and his brother Ted Jr. come rushing down to the ring. They double team Dilbert who puts up a valiant fight, but is overwhelmed by the numbers. Ted Jr. catches him into DREAM STREET! The two of them drag JBL on top of Dilbert and rouse the referee before fleeing the scene. The official sees the pinfall and counts 1..2...3!

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

Joey Styles: Damn it! Why did they have to get involved!?
Christopher Nowinski: This is starting off to be the greatest Pay-Per-View ever!

The DiBiase Brothers begin making their entrance to the ring with the Million Dollar Tag Championship belts in hand. As they are about half way down to the ring Dilbert and a short stocky man sprint out from backstage and ambush them from behind. The two attackers quickly dominate the DiBiases and the new individual rams Ted Jr. head first into the steel guardrail. Dilbert grabs Mike and does the Cubicle Driver off the entrance ramp to the floor! Both DiBiases are completely laid out! Ashley Lane goes to slap Dilbert but he catches her hand and seems like he is about to retaliate when Christopher Nowinski starts coming up the entrance ramp! Dilbert and his associate run towards him and begin beating the hell out of Nowinski! The two eventually throw him into the steel ring steps and leave him out. The DiBiases and Nowinski are escorted to the back as the match begins.

Joey Styles: That was fun!

CWA Canadian Tag Team Championship
Four Team Ladder Match
Sean Storm and Raven (C) vs Jarek Mace and Keldon Bloodsword vs Ted DiBiase Jr. and Mike DiBiase vs Joey Cilo & Drew McIntyre

All six individuals start off brawling at a break neck pace in the center of the ring. Fists and kicks are flying at a tremendous speed. Eventually Joey Cilo slips out of the ring and grabs a ladder. He slides back in with it and cleans house! He knocks everyone except his partner down and the two set up the ladder. Just as Joey goes to climb it Drew stops him. Apparently McIntyre thinks he should climb. The two of them start arguing until Keldon comes in and knocks their heads together! Raven comes in from behind and nails Keldon with a chair! Jarek slides back in and the two of them starting brawling right out of the ring! Sean Storm is next in and finds a ladder perfectly set up for him. He begins making his way up but just before he gets to the top he sees Joey Cilo standing below him. Storm leaps off for a flying body press! Drew McIntyre is now up and begins scaling the ladder as well. Slowly he reaches the top and begins going for the titles! Suddenly Keldon is behind him and grabs him by the neck! CHOKESLAM from the ladder! Both men are out cold. On the outside of the ring Raven his the EVENFLOW on Jarek Mace! Raven rolls into the ring and goes up the ladder. He gets to the top and has his hands on the belt. Out of seemingly nowhere Joey Cilo punches him in the face! Joey snuck up the other side of the ladder on him. Raven and Joey begin trading punches back and forth. The crowd explodes when they see Sean Storm standing on the apron outside the ropes behind Cilo. He springboards off the top rope and jumps on to the ladder right behind Joey Cilo! He grabs Cilo around the waist and German Suplexes him to the mat! Raven uses this to grab the belts and win the match.

Winners: Raven and Sean Storm

Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out.

Joey Styles: What the hell?  A power outage?  What's going on?

Screaming can be heard from in the ring.  Finally after a few tense moments, the lights come up to reveal the horrific sight.  Alyssa is on her knees in the corner, looking up to where the tag belts were hanging with tears in her eyes, still screaming.  The belts are no longer hanging by the hook.  Instead, there hangs Jarek by his feet.  His face is covered in blood and it drips below him onto a familiar sight.  Keldon tries to get back into the ring to help, but it kept at bay by two more figures, Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious.  Standing beneath Jarek, bathing in his blood, stand a newly reborn D2, now James Altraz.  His appearance is quite different than the early promo videos for the debut of CWA.  Gone is the long hair in favor of a shorter style with deep red highlights.  His eyes hold the gaze of a broken man lusting for revenge.  He wears long white pants and a white blazer over his shirtless torso.  The blood flows from Jarek's head and drips onto James, red splats and streaks flowing along his white blazer and pants.  He tilts his head back and takes some of the blood into his mouth, enjoying the torment.

Joey Styles:
  This...this is unreal.  This is disgusting.  Somebody needs to put a stop to this.

A few of the other guys in the match try to get involved and end the madness, but they are no match for a crazed Delirious and a spike weilding Jimmy Jacobs.  James takes a nearby microphone and stays under Jarek, staring straight at Alyssa.

James Altraz: Did you miss me honey?

Tears are flowing down Alyssa's face as she begs James to stop.  He simply smiles as he walks towards her, kneeling down in front of her.  Alyssa tries to back away, but James grabs her face.

James Altraz: What's wrong Alyssa?  Didn't expect to see me?  Why are you crying?  It's been so long Alyssa.

James has a sickly crazed grin on his face as Alyssa keeps struggling.  Her face is stained with Jarek's blood from James's hand.  He releases her and goes back to the center of the ring.

James Altraz: You see children, there was a good reason I decided to step away from CWA when it was first formed.  When I looked over the roster, I saw two names that stuck out to me. Alyssa and Jarek Mace.  To many of you, two people with a bright future.  But to me, two people who darkened mine.  I want to tell you people a story.  Three years ago, there were two happy people.  They loved each other more than life itself, and vowed to do anything the other asked.  They promised they would be together forever, so much so that they were engaged to be married.  Our happy groom had everything ready, the large chapel and giant reception they always wanted.  And so, it is time to say those sacred wedding vows.  Our groom is there, but something is missing.  His beautiful bride to be.  So they wait.  And they wait.  And they wait.  Until finally three hours later the rest of the chapel clears out as our happy groom is no longer so happy.  He stands at the altar long after everybody has left.  Wondering why.  Wondering where he went wrong.  Wondering where she went.  It was on that day our happy groom lost the one thing that kept him tethered to the normal outlook of sanity.  He lost the one thing that kept him from losing his own mind.  So he went into a deep, dark, downward spiral.  He begins to damage his body on the independent wrestling scene.  He takes deathmatches just so he can bleed and know the unfortunate truth that he is still living.  Until finally he gets a call about a job in Canada.  It's good money, and a way to possibly stop mutilating his body and hopefully move on with his life.  He packs his bags and gets ready to board the plane until he notices a few other names that will be involved in this job.  A young man named Jarek Mace, and a beautiful woman named Alyssa Mace.  A beautiful woman who destroyed the very fabric of our young hero's existence.

James grabs the spike from Jimmy and points it up to the unconcious body of Jarek.

James Altraz: This is what you threw away a four year relationship on?  This is what you threw my life away for?  I've always wondered what would happen if this day ever came.  And I now realize I want to savor it.  I want to enjoy it.  I want to get everything I can out of it.  Alyssa, you shattered my heart.  I'm going to shatter your life.  One.  Day.  At.  A.  Time.  My friend Jimmy Jacobs has taught me one thing.  Love doesn't save.  Nothing saves.

James drops the microphone as the production crew finally get the power to lower the cables holding Jarek in the air.  James motions to Delirious and Jimmy to leave.  But before leaving, James moves to Alyssa one last time, kneeling down and planting a soft kiss on her terrified forehead.

Joey Styles: Words can not describe how sickening what we have just seen is. I apologize to everyone who had to view that atrocity. That is not what the Canadian Wrestling Alliance is about. I am sure something will be put in place to prevent that from occurring in the future.

From the backstage area a damaged looking Christopher Nowinski begins hobbling his way back towards the ringside area to take back his color commentary position.

Christopher Nowinski: This is the worst night ever! Dilbert and his little fat friend will have hell to pay!
Joey Styles: Welcome back Chris, you are just in time for our main event of the evening.

CWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
CM Punk vs Alpha

Alpha hops on Punk right out of the gate and begins punishing him with an array of punches from all sides. Fists are flying to Punk's body and face and pummeling him. CM Punk goes down and quickly rolls under the ring ropes and to the outside. Alpha hurriedly follows, but is cut off by Nick Brolic who is at ringside. Brolic goes to strike, but is hit with EUTHANASIA and goes down immediately! Punk meanwhile is back in the ring behind Alpha and leaps over the top rope and lands on him! The referee begins his count 1..2...3..4..5 Punk gets up and in the ring..6..7..8..Alpha gets to his feet..9..Alpha slides in just in time! Punk jumps on top of Alpha with a powerful boot to the side of the head. He then lifts him up and tosses him into the corner turnbuckle. Punk lines up and lands his running knee into a bulldog! 1..2..ALPHA KICKS OUT! Punk is furious at the referee for a perceived slow count and begins arguing with him.

This gives Alpha time to rise to his feet and he tries to attack Punk, but is nailed with a powerful round house kick which takes him down to one knee. Punk quickly executes two more body kicks and a devastating one right to the jaw! Another pinfall attempt 1..2...NO! Alpha will not stay down. Punk is not pleased at all and lifts him back up to his feet for more offense. He lifts Alpha onto his shoulders to set up for the GO TO SLEE...NO! Alpha wriggles free and lands behind Punk! He hits him with a barrage of fists before whipping him off of the ring ropes and hits THE ALPHA STRIKE! He hooks both legs 1...2..NO! Alpha can not believe Punk kicked out of his finishing maneuver! He is absolutely stunned! Alpha gets up and stalks Punk as he slowly rises to his feet. Once Punk stands up Alpha bounces off the ropes and lands another ALPHA STRIKE! Alpha hops on top of him and puts all of his weight on Punk's shoulders with both legs hooked 1..2..3!

Winner and NEW CHAMPION: Alpha

Joey Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen we have a new CWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion!
Christopher Nowinski: This is just awful! I can not believe it!
Joey Styles: That's it! Have a great night folks!

Turd Ferguson

Next card posted and the rosters will be updated tomorrow.