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CWA Wired 3-29-10

Started by Turd Ferguson, March 29, 2010, 11:58:27 PM

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Turd Ferguson

Joey Styles: Hello, and welcome to another edition of CWA Wired!
Christopher Nowinski: Tonight we have an important announcement from the DiBiase Brothers and...other stuff.
Joey Styles: That "other stuff" includes an amazing tag team main event and this upcoming triple threat match.

Triple Threat Match
John Bradshaw Layfield vs Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels attempt to team together on the much larger and stronger Bradshaw. For awhile this seems to work until JBL nails Styles with a strong fist to the face and then boots Daniels in the jaw! Styles staggers back, but runs in for a cross body block! NO! Bradshaw catches him and throws him overhead with a Fall Away Slam! Styles rolls under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring. JBL sees Daniels slowly rising to his feet and bounces off the opposite ropes...CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! He nearly took his head off with that one! 1..2..3!

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

Joey Styles: JBL looks like a man on a mission.
Christopher Nowinski: Well of course. He's a great businessman and even better wrestler.
Joey Styles: I won't argue with that.
Christopher Nowinski: You better not, but now is the time we have all been waiting for. The DiBiase Brothers are going to come out and address the crowd.

An all too familiar music hits on the speakers and the lighting tints green and gold over the arena. Mike DiBiase and Ted DiBiase Jr. begin to make their way down to the ring in their wrestling gear. Ted Jr. is holding a briefcase and seems quite pleased with himself. Meanwhile Mike looks like he is ready to snap at any moment and fight somebody. An overzealous fat man shouts a profanity at Mike who glares a hole right through his soul. He begins walking closer and the balding, fat Canadian trucker continues ranting at the elder DiBiase brother who is enraged. Suddenly Mike slaps the beer right out of the man's hand and tries hopping the barrier, but security gets in between the two of them just in time to prevent a fist fight. Ted pats his brother on the back and reassures him that their announcement is too important to be stopped but such nonsense. They eventually make their way into the ring to find a podium set up where Ted rests his briefcase so it is displayed toward the hard camera. Someone then hands him a microphone and he begins to address their crowd who is already making their displeasure known.

Ted DiBiase Jr:. Yeah that's right boo me. Boo me because that is what you people do best. When you see someone who is better than you instead of going out and bettering yourself you give in to your petty jealousies and boo that person. That is why I am who I am and you are the living scum that you are.

The fans give more heat and begin throwing concessions into the ring.

Mike DiBiase: Stop it! I said stop it right now or I will come into the stands and beat the hell out of each and every single one of you! I have already shown I am willing to do that, so shut your mouths!

They begin a chant of "bring it on!" and Ted has to hold Mike from rushing out of the ring to fight the CWA fans.

Ted DiBiase Jr:. Ignore them. They are just a bunch of ingrates. We have an announcement to make and we won't let you distract us from that any longer. You see contained within this briefcase is a legacy, a tradition, an honor bestowed upon us by the only man capable of doing so. There is more than a mere object in here, but a meaning deeper than any of you could possibly comprehend. Last week we showed that we are too good to be the champions of this puny little organization. Instead we are the Million Dollar Tag Team Champions!

The two brothers open the briefcase to reveal two exact replicas of their father's Million Dollar Belt! They hold them up for all to see and then wrap them around their waists.

Christopher Nowinski: What a glorious day it is!
Joey Styles: Can they do that?
Christopher Nowinski: They just did.
Joey Styles:Alright, well anyways moving on our next match is featuring the DiBiase's still in the ring and their partner Ashley Lane against the Mace's and their best friend Keldon Bloodsword.

Six Man Mixed Tag Match
Jarek Mace, Keldon Bloodsword and Alyssa Mace vs Mike DiBiase, Ted DiBiase Jr. and Ashley Lane

Jarek starts in the ring with Ted Jr. and Jarek looks in top shape right off the bat. He hits a series of strong strikes until Ted counters with a back rake! This gives Ted an irreversible clothesline! Ted whips Jarek into his corner where Mike begins choking Jarek using the tag rope. The ref yells at him to quit and Mike releases him. The ref continues to scold while Ted low blows Jarek! Mace goes down and Ted begins to systematically stomp every limb on his body! Ted then rushes towards Keldon and boots him off the apron and into the ringside barrier! Jarek is just beginning to rise and DiBiase sneaks up behind for DREAM...NO! Jarek runs him back into his corner to stop the move. Alyssa slaps Jarek on the arm and tags herself in. She stomps Ted a couple of times in the stomach before throwing him into the opposite corner turnbuckle. Ashley tags herself in and runs right into arm drag! Then another, and another! Lane is clearly dizzy from being thrown around and wanders right into a boot to the stomach and Alyssa lifts her up to set up her finish...BIMBO BREAKER! Alyssa quickly goes for the cover, but the ref doesn't count because Mike did a blind tag on Ashley just before the move! Mike sprints in and viciously stomps Alyssa in the back of the head. He then quickly follows up and lifts her into the Million Dollar Dream! She struggles, but Alyssa is way overpowered by Mike DiBiase who holds down on her with all of his might. Eventually Alyssa is forced to relinquish and tap out!

Winners: Mike DiBiase, Ted DiBiase Jr. and Ashley Lane

Christopher Nowinski: They did it! They did it! The good guys win again!
Joey Styles: I bet you are real proud of Mike DiBiase for what just happened aren't you?
Christopher Nowinski: Of course I am.
Joey Styles: That is just sickening. Such reprehensible behavior...wait I am getting word that something is going on backstage!

In the backstage area Nick Brolic and Stevie Richards are ambushing Raven. They are punching and kicking him as hard they can. The three start making their way down a hallway where Raven is slammed head first into a door! Brolic and Richards are in complete control when a chair hits Richards in the back! Sean Storm comes out ready to take them both down! Security rushes in and splits the four of them up, but the situation looks like it could explode at any moment. From the other side Trish Stratus walks in between the group looking quite angry.

Trish Stratus:! This is not going to happen on my show. It's bad enough we had an ambush on the last show it is not going to happen again. I am not going to let this whole roster go out of control. So I am kicking you all out of the ring tonight. You will all take forfeit losses in your matches. You are welcome back next week, but right now you need to get out!

All four protest angrily but the pleas fall on deaf ears. Security escorts them out of the building and Trish addresses the camera.

Trish Stratus: Alpha, I realize this leaves you without a match this week, but you have proven yourself to be a worthy competitor and in light of how your title match ended last week; I am naming you the number one contender to the Canadian Championship Belt!

Joey Styles: Wow, Trish lays down the law! Good for her.
Christopher Nowinski: That...hussy! She is going to regret doing that. When our Straight Edge Savior shows up next week he will not be pleased.
Joey Styles: I don't think she cares how CM Punk feels.
Christopher Nowinski: and that is the problem!
Joey Styles: This is it, our main event of the evening.

Tag Match
Chris Jericho and Joey Cilo vs Gavin Payne and Dilbert

Joey Cilo begins in the ring with Dilbert and jumps the bell to start the punishment. He mounts on top and goes for the full mount, but Dilbert gets out of it and the two get back to their feet. Dilbert comes in, but is hit with a brutal T-Bone suplex for his efforts. 1..2.too early to attempt the cover and Dilbert kicks out. Frustrated by this Cilo pick Dilbert up and drags him over to the corner and smashes his head into the turnbuckle to tag in Chris Jericho is continues the assault. The two trade places and hold control of the match for several minutes with swift tags as they work the neck and shoulders of the Dilbert. Chris Jericho is now in the ring with him and hits a running bulldog! This sets Dilbert up perfect for the Lionsaul...KNEES TO THE GUT! Both men are hurting, but it's Jericho who gets to his feet first. Jericho tries to lift Dilbert up but gets kicked in the gut! FINAL TALLY! That took all of the energy Dilbert had to perform and both men are completely out of it. They slowly work their way to their feet and struggle to the middle of the ring where they are leaning on each other. Eventually Jericho irish whips Dilbert into the ropes, Gavin Payne reaches out and slaps Dilbert's back unbeknown to Jericho who uses the rebound momentum of Dilbert to throw him over the top rope on the far side of the ring. Jericho then crumples down to one knee content to take the count out victory.

Y2J suddenly looks up to see Payne smiling in front of him before delivering a sick kick to the face. He attempts the pin 1..2..NO! Jericho somehow musters the energy to kick out and Payne can not believe it. He expresses his frustration at the kickout to the crowd who sympathize with him as they thought it was over too. Payne slowly lifts Jericho up who seems like completely dead weight when out of nowhere CODEBREAKER! Both men are down and Jericho slowly inches towards his corner where he desperately needs to tag in Joey Cilo. Joey has his hand extended out when suddenly he spots Dilbert rising to his feet outside the ring by him and jumps down off the apron to begin brawling with Dilbert! The two men keep trading fists all the way up the entrance ramp and disappear backstage. Jericho gets to his corner only to realize no one is there. His face shows an expression of shock and horror. He can't believe there is no one for him to tag. Y2J slowly gets up to his feet and turns around to see Gavin Payne standing directly behind him. Payne lifts Jericho up into the military press position for THE VERDICT! 1..2..3!

Winners: Gavin Payne and Dilbert

Joey Styles: What an amazing match. Credit must be given all of them they out on a heck of a performance.
Christopher Nowinski: The wrong team won. I don't know what came over Joey Cilo. He lost focus.
Joey Styles: That's it for tonight. Tune in next week!