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Started by Turd Ferguson, February 21, 2010, 10:39:51 PM

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Lol that is exactly the look I am going for except more realistic. Is there a limit as to how many wrestlers one person can have?

Turd Ferguson

No, just don't pick up more than you can handle.

Joey Cilo

Quote from: DogTheUnemployed on April 25, 2010, 11:50:39 AM
From the sound of his appearance, I keep thinking of Sagat.



Anthony Lurty

Name: Tony
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 320 (body type of Samoa Joe)
Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey
Wrestling Style: Brawler with lots of high impact moves thrown in
Finisher #1: The Silencer (A Series of Gut Busters[2-3] into a GTS)
Finisher #2: The Pink Slip (opponent on the ground face down, hooks legs like Haas of pain with his arm, lays on his back and puts his other arm around their neck)
Finisher #3: The Down-and-Out ( A Rock Bottom onto his knee like a backbreaker)
Signature Moves: Running Big Boot(like Shamus' Pumpkick), Running Powerslam
Commonly Used Moves: Suplexes, boots, kicks, occasional chokeslam
Gimmick: Strong and Silent man, yet extremely polite everywhere he goes.
Disposition(Face/Heel): Super-Face, everybody loves him because of his polite demeanor outside of the ring and total focus in the ring.
Appearance: Usually wrestles in Black shorts with a red stripe down each side. Comes out to the ring with a black Italian suit jacket draped over his shoulders. Dark brown hair, buzzed. Round face, chubby, has strong legs.
Biography: Soft-spoken Italian man, with little known about his past. What is known about his past is he had some sort of business relationship with Dilbert and when he was little, kids made fun of his appearance.
Additional Notes: Completely focused in the ring, getting the job done with skill and precision. You'd never know by looking at him, and his disposition in everyday life that he has any sort of ability.
Theme Music: Down and Out by Tantric
MOAR Cowbell