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<Non Revo> Jimmy Wang Yang
« on: January 02, 2007, 09:39:27 PM »
Jimmy Wang Yang
SHS: 6
SSV: 1
Superstar Ability: Your non-unique high-risk maneuvers are -4F.
Once per turn you may discard 1 card to disregard the "can only be played after..." on your non-unique high-risk maneuver. You may have the card titled, "Ten Gallon Hat" in your backstage Area.

I'm your boy!
Action / Reversal: special
Search your arsenal for one card, reveal it to your opponent, put it in your hand, and end your turn.
As a reversal, when overturned reverse any non-unique card and end your opponents turn.
F: 5 D: 0

Giddy-up! Yeeeeeeeeeeha!
Reversal: special
Reverse any card and end your opponents turn.
If the card titled, "I'm your boy!" is in your ring area, you may search your arsenal for 1 non-unique high risk manuver, and put it in your hand.
F: 12 D: 3

Redneck Moonsault
Trademark Finisher / Reversal
Can only played after a successfully played maneuver or if you reversed a card from your hand or backlash deck to end your opponent's last turn.
Can only be reversed from your opponent's hand
As a reversal, reverse any card played after a set-up, and end your opponents turn.
F: 25 D: 20

lemme know whatcha think
Now im your boy, YEEEEEEHA!