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Only recently got back into watching wrestling cos of this megastar

LA Knight
SHS: 6 SSV: 1
Successfully play a non set-up Action, choose 1: bury 1 Ringside card; draw 1 card and bury 1 Hand card or he discards 1 card.

The Megastar
Backstage Card
Your SHS and SSV is +3. Arsenal search 6- non hybrid, non-unqiue Action and put them under this card. At the end of your pre-match phase, you may overturn any number of cards and put # cards from under this card into your hand and recover the rest. # = number of cards overturned divided by 3 (rounded down) + 1.
Once during each of your turns, you may overturn 3 cards and put 1 non-hybrid action from your Ringside into your hand regardless of your opponent's Stipulation

Welcome to LA
Pre-match Venue
Cannot be packed when packing Interview with Mean Gene Okerlund or The Abraham Washington Show
Can be played when your opponent has a Venue in his Ring. When you have lesser hand cards and you use your Ability, you may choose an additional option.When you have lesser Arsenal cards and you use your Ability, you may choose an additional option. When you have +30F lower, triple the numbers in your Ability
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Let Me Talk to Ya
Pre-Match Event
Your superstar specific backlash cards do not take up a slot in your ring.
Do not reveal your hand for Grab the Mic and it is considered to be a maneuver for your opponent's Stipulation. When your oponent successfully plays a reversal to its ACE, blank the reversals text and damage. Successfully play an Action, search Arsenal/Ringside/RFG for a non-throwback Grab the Mic
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Mid-Match Action
When played after a successfully played LA Knight Specific maneuver, can only be reversed by unique reversals.
Your opponent discards cards equal to the number of Action in your Ring (max. 6), and overturn cards equal to the number of non-hybrid Actions in your Ring. Choose one: your next maneuver played is -#F or his non F:0 reversals are +#F, where # is the number of Actions in your Ring.
F: 12 D: 0

They'll Know Whose Game Is It
Reversal: non-maneuver card
Arsenal/Ringside search for a LA Knight specific card, and when it is played as a Counter on the next turn, choose one: -10F or ignore the "can only be played..."
F: 6 D: 0

Action/Reversal: Special
Can be played with another Action without "win" in the text. Unless both cards are reversed when played, both cards are considered successful. Recover this card and put 1 non-hybrid Action from your Ringside into your hand.
When overturned, reverse any non-damage card effect.
When this card is in your Ringside and you successfully play a LA Knight specific card, you may put it into your hand.
F: 0 D: 0

YEAH Stomps
Strike + Strike
Can only be played as a Counter or a successfully played maneuver. This card is considered an Action for YEAH!
Cannot be reversed.
F: 10 D: 6

Knight's Reverse Neckbreaker
Grapple + Action/Reversal: Special
As a manuever, -10F. Put 2- Actions from Ringside/RFG into hand.
As a reversal, reverse any card that is not the first card played on the turn.
F: 22 D:8

Skylord Slam
Grapple/Reversal: Strike
Arsenal/Ringside search for The Megastar Elbow. When it is your next card played, it can only be reversed from Arsenal.
F: 16 D: 14

Battering Ram
High Risk/Reversal: Special
Can only be played after a successfully played card. When played after an Action, +6D and can only be reversed from hand.
Reverse any set-up card or High Risk.
F: 10 D: 12

The Megstar Elbow
TMF + Action
Can only be played after a successfully played LA Knight card or when there is a non-Backlash LA Knight card in your Ring. Cannot be reversed from hand or Backlash.
F: 0 D: 10

When you have 3+ more Actions in your Ring than your opponent, cannot be reversed from hand or Ring, when you have 6+ more, cannot be reversed from Backlash and Arsenal too.
F: 30 D: 30
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