[bWo Special Attraction] - The Raw Deal Roulette Wheel - Announcement and Signup

Started by Bobino, April 21, 2023, 09:19:28 AM

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Welcome one and all to our very first Bobino World Open Special Attraction, the Raw Deal Roulette Wheel!

This will be a Swiss tournament played via OCTGN in the Virtual Classic Format.

Here's the special part:

Every Round of play, before matches are determined, I will go live on Twitch and assign each entrant Three Superstars at random with the assistance of the Raw Deal Roulette Wheel, which contains the names of every Superstar in Virtual Classic History. Once you have your three completely random Superstars assigned, I will pair everyone into match-ups. You will use one of your three Random Superstars, which is not required to be revealed to your opponent until the start of the match when Superstars and Backstages are revealed.

Each Superstar that is USED in a match, will be removed from the Raw Deal Roulette Wheel for the following round.

After the Swiss rounds, there will be a Top cut using the Wheel to assign match-ups.

Sign-ups can be done in this thread, via Discord in the Tournament News Thread, via DM on here, or via DM on Discord. There is no entry Fee.

Join me in blowing off some steam with a fun challenge, and let's Spin the Wheel.

Also, all are welcome to join for the selection Streams, the first of which will be on May 5th, at 10p EST on Twitch.tv/AlmightyBobino

Do you Dare to Take a Challenge?





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Playing on OCTGN? I'm on US Eastern Time; you can check what time it is for me here.



100% reason to remember the name.

Lucky for you...I am mighty.


Thanks to the much hated Revolution Format and Roman Reigns' spear I beat three other folks to be your current Raw Deal Champion and the "most irrelevant one in history" ...yay me :)