WWE Raw Deal World Championship 2023 - Top 4 - Matt Kanter - Chris Jericho

Started by mikeskizo, April 17, 2023, 11:34:19 AM

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1x Chris Jericho
3x World Tour '05
1x Hometown Hero
1x WWE Raw Deal Fifth Anniversary
1x Raw Deal Tenth Anniversary
1x WWE Signing Appearance
1x Backstage Signature
1x Enough Shenanigans!
1x Really, That's Enough Shenanigans
1x No More Shenanigans
1x Old School Shenanigans
1x Celebrity Shenanigans
1x Defeating Villainous Shenanigans
1x Fans Love Shenanigans

1x Whirlwind Kick
1x Back Throw
1x Classic Arm Bar
1x Classic Neck Wrench
1x Classic Boxing Jab
1x Classic Back Kick
1x Classic Headlock
1x Eat Your Words
1x Counter Strike
1x Overhand Chairshot
1x Blatant Chokehold
1x Table
1x Jericho's Running Bulldog
1x Spinning Wrist Lock Hammerlock Headlock Takedown Armbar of Doom
1x Blindside Takedown
1x Gorilla Press Drop
1x Jericho's Triple Power Bomb
1x Walls of Jericho
1x Dynamic Finisher
1x The Finisher
1x When Kurt Met Christy
1x My Obscenely Expensive Jeri-tron 5000
1x Keibler Instincts
1x A Few Heel Men
1x Y2J
1x Jerichoholics
1x Win If you Can, Lose if you Must, But Always Cheat
1x Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Roll-a
3x Elbow to the Face
2x Volley This!
1x Counter Hold
1x Counter Throw
1x Counter Assault
3x Don't Try This at Home
3x Get the 'F' Out!
3x Manager Interferes
1x Unintended CONsequences
1x Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!'
1x You Missed Your Chance
1x Divine Intervention
1x Don't be a Douchebag!
1x Out of Nowhere
1x Two-Time! Two-Time!
1x Springboard Drop Kick
1x The Breakdown
1x Jericho's Ensugiri
1x Don't You Never ... EVER!
1x Roll the Footage, Monkeys!
1x I'm Here To Save Us.. From You!
1x Breaking Ground
1x You're a Jive Soul Bro!

Backlash Deck
1x Baghdad, Iraq
1x There Is No Escape
1x Managed by Shane O'Mac
1x Premiere WWF Superstar
1x You Sanctimonious Son of a B!tch
1x SAVE_US.X29
1x Would You Please ... Shut the Hell Up!
1x Banned from Ringside
1x Vince McMahon, Guest Ringside Announcer
1x Making Your Escape
1x The Best Laid Plans...
1x I'm Better Than You!
1x Sustained Damage
1x You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1x Unscrupulous S.O.B.
1x Restricted Use in This Area
1x Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
1x The King Interferes!
1x Happy You're Here, Happier You're Gone
1x Superior Acrobatics
1x Dirty Low Blow
1x Listen Up, Junior: Don't Be an Ass-clown!
1x Turning Everything Upside Down
1x This Is Going to be an Old School Brawl!