Raw Deal World Championship 2023

Started by mikeskizo, February 09, 2023, 02:14:53 AM

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This thread will be updated round by round with the match ups and results

Player (superstar)

Azarith Stryffe (Los Guerreros)
Bob Theriault (The Rock)
Scott Mackie (CM Punk)
David Stephen (Mr. Perfect)
John Rebstock (Paul Orndorff)
Will Tuttle (Johnny Gargano)
Anthony Christopher (Terry Funk)
Matt Kanter (Chris Jericho)
Evan Jones (Imperium)
Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake)
James Andrew McNab (Rick Rude)
Sean Taft (Eve)
Keith Lee (Hart Foundation)
Jason Busby (The Devils Favourite Demon)
Mike Forman (AJ Lee)
Mitchel Friederick (Rhea Ripley)
Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly)
Pat Eshghy (Al Snow)
Sean Hoover (FBI)
Brandon Fuller (Test)
Joe Manack (Spike Dudley)


Round 1 match ups

Evan Jones (Imperium) F:8 Pins Joe Manack (Spike Dudley) F:17

James Andrew McNab (Rick Rude) F:103 pins Brandon Fuller (Test) F:46

Pat Eshghy (Al Snow) F:21 pins Sean Taft (Eve) F:1

David Stephen (Mr. Perfect) F:35 pins Mike Forman (AJ Lee) F:5

Mitchel Friederick (Rhea Ripley) F:55 pins Jason Busby (The Devils Favourite Demon) F:81

Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly) F:37 pins Scott Mackie (CM Punk) F:124

Azarith Stryffe (Los Guerreros) F:68 pins Sean Hoover (FBI) F:10

Matt Kanter (Chris Jericho) F:65 pins Keith Lee (Hart Foundation) F:35

Anthony Christopher (Terry Funk) F:46 pins John Rebstock (Paul Orndorff) F:38

Bob Theriault (The Rock) F:32 pins Will Tuttle (Johnny Gargano) F:17

Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake) gets the bye


Round 2 match ups

David Stephen (Mr. Perfect) F:42 pins James Andrew McNab (Rick Rude) F:5

Azarith Stryffe (Los Guerreros) F:18 counts out Pat Eshghy (Al Snow) F:40

Matt Kanter (Chris Jericho) F:72 pins Mitchel Friederick (Rhea Ripley) F:28

Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly) F:16 pins Anthony Christopher (Terry Funk) F:44

Mike Forman (AJ Lee) F:47 counts out Bob Theriault (The Rock) F:28

Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake) F:71 vs Evan Jones (Imperium) F:17 ends in a double count out

Joe Manack (Spike Dudley) F:56 pins Sean Hoover (FBI) F:8

Keith Lee (Hart Foundation) F:32 counts out Brandon Fuller (Test) F:55

John Rebstock (Paul Orndorff) F:96 pins Sean Taft (Eve) F:18

Will Tuttle (Johnny Gargano) F:61 pins Jason Busby (The Devils Favourite Demon) F:9

Scott Mackie (CM Punk) gets the bye


Round 3 match ups

Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly) F:26 pins David Stephen (Mr. Perfect) F:66

Matt Kanter (Chris Jericho) F:74 counts out Azarith Stryffe (Los Guerreros) F:34

James Andrew McNab (Rick Rude) F:56 pins Joe Manack (Spike Dudley) F:13

Scott Mackie (CM Punk) F:81 pins Evan Jones (Imperium) F:28

Pat Eshghy (Al Snow) F:44 pins Anthony Christopher (Terry Funk) F: 6

Mitchel Friederick (Rhea Ripley) F:48 pins Bob Theriault (The Rock) F:40

Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake) F:46 pins John Rebstock (Paul Orndorff) F:19

Will Tuttle (Johnny Gargano) F:54 pins Mike Forman (AJ Lee) F:46

Sean Hoover (FBI) F:62 pins Keith Lee (Hart Foundation) F:69

Brandon Fuller (Test) F:69 pins Jason Busby (The Devils Favourite Demon) F:76

Sean Taft (Eve) gets the bye

Jason Busby (The Devils Favourite Demon) dropped from the tournament after this round.


Round 4 match ups

Matt Kanter (Chris Jericho) F:28 pins Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly) F:10

David Stephen (Mr. Perfect) F:21 counts out Pat Eshghy (Al Snow) F:21

Scott Mackie (CM Punk) F:88 pins James Andrew McNab (Rick Rude) F:5

Mitchel Friederick (Rhea Ripley) F:65 pins Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake) F:6

Azarith Stryffe (Los Guerreros) F:79 pins Will Tuttle (Johnny Gargano) F:43

Joe Manack (Spike Dudley) F:35 pins John Rebstock (Paul Orndorff) F:74

Sean Hoover (FBI) F:70 counts out Brandon Fuller (Test) F:27

Evan Jones (Imperium) F:52 pins Sean Taft (Eve) F:12

Bob Theriault (The Rock) F:55 pins Anthony Christopher (Terry Funk) F:5

Mike Forman (AJ Lee) F:39 pins Keith Lee (Hart Foundation) F:24


Round 5 match ups. (Final round of swiss)

Matt Kanter (Chris Jericho) F:44 pins Scott Mackie (CM Punk) F:66

Mitchel Friederick (Rhea Ripley) F:63 pins Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly) F:36

David Stephen (Mr. Perfect) F:45 counts out Azarith Stryffe (Los Guerreros) F:13

Joe Manack (Spike Dudley) F:38 pins Pat Eshghy (Al Snow) F:9

Evan Jones (Imperium) F:93 pins Bob Theriault (The Rock) F:3

Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake) F:57 pins James Andrew McNab (Rick Rude) F:2

Will Tuttle (Johnny Gargano) F:25 pins Sean Hoover (FBI) F:83

Mike Forman (AJ Lee) F:48 pins John Rebstock (Paul Orndorff) F:31

Anthony Christopher (Terry Funk) pins Brandon Fuller (Test) via drop out

Sean Taft (Eve) vs Keith Lee (Hart Foundation) ends in a double count out (match did not take place)

Brandon Fuller (Test) dropped out this round


Final standings at the end of swiss

1. Matt Kanter (Chris Jericho)
2. Mitchel Friederick (Rhea Ripley)
3. David Stephen (Mr. Perfect)
4. Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly)
5. Scott Mackie (CM Punk)
6. Evan Jones (Imperium)
7. Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake)
8. Joe Manack (Spike Dudley)

9. Will Tuttle (Johnny Gargano)
10. Azarith Stryffe (Los Guerreros)
11. Mike Forman (AJ Lee)
12. Bob Theriault (The Rock)
13. James Andrew McNab (Rick Rude)
14. Pat Eshghy (Al Snow)
15. Anthony Christopher (Terry Funk)
16. Sean Hoover (FBI)
17. John Rebstock (Paul Orndorff)
18. Sean Taft (Eve)
19. Keith Lee (Hart Foundation)
20. Brandon Fuller (Test)
21. Jason Busby (The Devils Favourite Demon)


Top 8 match ups.

Matt Kanter (Chris Jericho) F:36 pins Joe Manack (Spike Dudley) F:16

Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake) F:37 pins Mitchel Friederick (Rhea Ripley) F:14

Evan Jones (Imperium) F:96 pins David Stephen (Mr. Perfect) F:44

Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly) F:20 pins Scott Mackie (CM Punk) F:27


Top 4 match ups

Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake) F:58 pins Matt Kanter (Chris Jericho) F:0

Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly) F:24 pins Evan Jones (Imperium) F:79


Final match up

Andrew Ho (Rattlesnake) F:51 pins Jeff Tey (Kyle O'Reilly) F:10

Congratulations to Andrew Ho on becoming the 2023 WWE Raw Deal World Champion.


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