[bWo 2] - Deck List - Dilbert - Right to Censor - Bobino World Open 2

Started by Bobino, December 26, 2022, 05:20:58 PM

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13th Place - W:2 - L:3

1x Right to Censor
1x We Will BASH You...For Your Own Good!
1x Pulled Some Strings To Get My Match
1x The Numbers Game
1x Enough Shenanigans!
1x Really, That's Enough Shenanigans
1x No More Shenanigans
1x Old School Shenanigans
1x Celebrity Shenanigans
1x Defeating Villainous Shenanigans
1x Nostalgia Shenanigans
1x Fans Love Shenanigans

Backlash Deck
1x I'm Gonna BASH Your Brains In!
1x Censorship Match
1x No Way Out
1x Ivory: Conservative Champion
1x I'll Taunt You, Then I'll BASH You!
3x It's Time for a Great American BASH
1x WWE Tag Team Title Belts
1x The Champ Is Here!
1x Underrated Superstar
1x Making Your Escape
1x Right to Interfere
1x Fortitude Surge
1x Sustained Damage
1x You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1x Turning Everything Upside Down
1x Restricted Use in This Area
1x Shoot Counter
1x Classic Teamwork
1x Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
3x WWE Divas: The Next Generation

1x What's Wrong with You People?
1x This is Unacceptable Behavior!
1x Censored!
2x Don't Try This at Home
1x Don't be a Douchebag!
1x Two-Time! Two-Time!
1x Out of Nowhere
1x Counter Hold
1x Counter Throw
1x Counter Assault
2x Hold the Phone!
3x Get the 'F' Out!
2x It's Great To Be Back Here In...
2x BASH Evader
3x The Return BASH for Scotty's WORM
2x Booby Trap
1x Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!'
1x You Missed Your Chance
1x I've Got One Thing To Say About That!
1x Unintended CONsequences
1x Breaking Ground
1x The Raw Deal Revolution
1x Divine Intervention
2x Shane O'Mac
2x According to the Contract Table
2x Puppies! Puppies!
2x Sharmell: Sizzling Spouse
2x Maria: Ideal Interviewer
2x Christy: Curvy Cutie
2x Melina: Naughty Manager
2x Lilian: Amazing Announcer
3x Candice: Internet Icon
2x Ashley: Pretty Punk
2x Shane O'Mac Delivers the BASH
2x Kristal: Broadcast Beauty
3x Shoot Action


Results by Round:

ROUND 1 - Win via Pinfall over Votiga's Gail Kim
ROUND 2 - Win via Pinfall over DebuRaito's Adam Cole
ROUND 3 - Loss via Pinfall to JaggerJack's Dean Malenko
ROUND 4 - Loss via Pinfall to Bobino's Alexa Bliss
ROUND 5 - Loss via Pinfall to Hoover's Mae Young