[bWo 2] - Deck List - Kaiten619 - 8th Wonder of the World - Bobino World Open 2

Started by Bobino, December 26, 2022, 05:16:24 PM

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18th Place - W:1 - L:4

1x The 8th Wonder of the World
1x So Much Larger Than Life - Throwback
1x Classic Competitor
1x Legendary Defense
1x As Big and Tough as Any Two Men
1x Celebrity Shenanigans
1x Defeating Villainous Shenanigans
1x Enough Shenanigans!
1x No More Shenanigans
1x Nostalgia Shenanigans
1x Old School Shenanigans
1x Really, That's Enough Shenanigans
1x Fans Love Shenanigans
1x Backstage Signature
1x WWE Signing Appearance
1x WWE Raw Deal Fifth Anniversary
1x Raw Deal Tenth Anniversary

Backlash Deck
1x Saturday Night's Main Event
1x Rules Were Meant to be Broken
1x Bad Blood
1x Product Endorsements
1x Old School Psychology
1x Interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund
1x Dare to Take a Challenge
1x Through All of These Years
1x Giant Eiffel Tower
1x The Heenan Family
1x Playing By the Rules
1x Ruthless Aggression
1x Giant Choke Hold
2x Ready to Fight
1x Undermine the Competition
1x You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1x Flawless Transition
1x Sustained Damage
1x Restricted Use in This Area
1x Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
1x The King Interferes!

1x Quick Snap Body Slam
3x German Suplex
1x Classic Bulldog Lariat
1x Classic Claw
1x Classic Snap Suplex
2x Blindside Hook
2x Blindside Beal Toss
3x Precision Figure Four
1x Giant Head Butt
1x Giant Chop
1x Turn the Tide
1x Offer Handshake
1x Who Booked This Match?
1x Here Comes the Cavalry!
2x Candice: Internet Icon
1x Giant Braintrust
1x Giant Knee Smash
1x Sidewalk Slam
1x The Immovable Object
1x It's Not My Fault Being the biggest and the Strongest
2x V.K.M.'s Patented Big Gulp
1x Thinking One Step Ahead
1x Rude-ly Interrupting
1x A Giant Assist
1x Obey
1x Cowboy Bob Orton Interferes
3x No Sell Maneuver
1x Step Aside
1x Break the Hold
1x Escape Move
3x Get the 'F' Out!
1x Divine Intervention
1x Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!'
1x You Missed Your Chance
3x Volley This!
1x Don't be a Douchebag!
2x Don't Try This at Home
1x Breaking Ground
3x Once is Enough
3x Sloppy ... Very Sloppy
1x The Raw Deal Revolution


Results by Round:

ROUND 1 - Loss via Pinfall to CRASHER's Seth Rollins
ROUND 2 - Win via Pinfall over Shelan's Hulk Hogan TB
ROUND 3 - Loss via Pinfall to Mcf13's Shayna Baszler
ROUND 4 - Loss via Pinfall to Hoover's Mae Young
ROUND 5 - Loss via Pinfall to Keith0913832's Ricochet