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Question on Back to Basics

Started by Mau-cho Man, November 09, 2022, 06:57:55 PM

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Mau-cho Man

If I pack Back to Basics, does that prevent me from packing prematch cards without old school in the title? I assume as long as I do not play B2B, I can play  non-oldschool prematch cards, correct?


Correct, however if you have a venue or allegiance you can play those since they hit the ring before the feud phase
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You can PACK any pre match you want, but once b2b hits the table, you can only PLAY cards with old school in the title

Mau-cho Man

Thank you both. I didn't think about how the venue is played first. I'm looking into building a Latino Cheat B2B deck, so that is very helpful to know.