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Superstar Ability:
The first blank text maneuver you play each turn is Multi and ignore 'completely' on your opponent's reversal and effects. You cannot pack High Risk maneuvers. You can pack  'As Big and Tough as Any Two Men' and you are consider to be Kane for its effect.

The Nigerian Giant
Backstage Area
Cannot be packed when packing Drawing a Blank.
Your non-unique non-high risk 6D- maneuver with 'boot', 'elbow' and 'slam' in the title are F:0 and +3D.
When this card is revealed, your maneuver are blank text.

Backed by MVP (+ The Hurt Business, Lashley Logo)
Pre-match Event
Cannot be blanked.
When your non-unique maneuver is unsuccessful, you may discard a maneuver from hand and put the unsuccessful played card back into your hand; When you are a stable, discard any card instead.
ACE: When you are not a stable, during each of your turn, you may overturn 3 cards and put 1 Ringside non-unique maneuver card into your hand.
F:0 D:0

The Nigerian Corner Elbow
This card is considered non-unique and blank text for your card effects.
Can only be played as a counter.
F:4 D:5

The Nigerian Big Boot
Strike + Strike
When played as a counter, can only be reversed from Arsenal.
When successfully played, your opponent discard 2 random Hand cards.
F:6 D:8

The Nigerian Choke Drop
Trademark Finisher + Submission
Can only be reversed from hand.
When successfully played, Arsenal search for Superstar Specific Action and put it into your hand.
F:40 D:10

Pinned by One Foot (+ The Great Khali Logo)
Action + Action
Cannot be reversed when played after a Trademark Finisher.
You win the game via Pin-fall Victory.
F:50 D:0

MVP Interferes (+ The Hurt Business, Lashley Logo)
Reversal: Special : Run-in
Reverse any card and your opponent overturn 4 cards. Promo: 4 and Bury the cards not chosen.
F:9 D:5