The Official Raw Deal World Championship is coming to OCTGN!

Started by mikeskizo, October 10, 2022, 12:21:33 AM

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The Raw Deal World Championships are coming to OCTGN!

Here's everything you need to know.

This will be a pay to play event. It'll cost $20 (US) to enter with cash prizes for the top 4. In addition to a cash prize, first place will have the opportunity to choose any virtual card to receive an official alternative artwork.

Entry fees will also go towards keeping TCO online, here is the breakdown of how the cash will be split.
Of the total of entry fees, TCO will receive 40%, first place will receive 25%, second place will receive 15% and third and fourth place will receive 10% respectfully.

Entry is to be paid via PayPal (friends & family) to on browser or just search mightybp if using the PayPal app. If you are paying from a currency that isn't USD, please ensure that under the "they recieve" column, that $20 is indeed being received. Please also add in the notes "RDWC" followed by one of your usernames so we can keep track of who has paid.

Sign up in this thread simply with
Name: (as it will appear on the PayPal transaction)
TCO name:
Discord name:
OCTGN name:

Sign ups will be open until January 22nd 2023 at 5pm EST. Last day to pay your fee and submit your decklist will be January 29th 2023 at 5pm EST, with the tournament getting underway on February 13th 2023.

The format is virtual classic and will be a simple swiss tournament run by Bobino using the Raw Deal Tournament Software.

MightyBP will be the decklist legality checker and will not be participating in the tournament. Send your decklists to him via the messenger feature on Discord. Send your decklist as the OCTGN file please. It should be a .o8d file.

Each round will last 10 days. We understand with people likely wanting to enter this from all around the globe, it might be tough to schedule games, but we reckon 10 days should be long enough.
If you cannot play your game within 10 days it will be recorded as a double count out. However, if the game is not played because you have been ghosted by your opponent, and have evidence, you will receive a win and the person who did the ghosting will be assumed to have dropped out of the tournament and no refund will be given. Additionally, any player caught cheating or changing cards in thier deck between rounds (there will be random spot checks,  and because of this, all games played must have spectators allowed) will be dropped from the tournament with no refund given.

Pairings will be posted in the Online Tournament section of the TCO Discord, this is where results should be posted too, in this format.
Player X (superstar, #F) pins or counts out Player Y (superstar, #F)

TCO Discord:

Good luck and happy Raw Dealing!


Name: Mike Forman
TCO name: MikeSkizo
Discord name: MikeSkizo
OCTGN name: MikeSkizo


Name: keith
TCO name: keith0913832
Discord name: keith0913832
OCTGN name: keith0913832


Name: John Rebstock
TCO name: ponder505
Discord name: ponder719
OCTGN name: ponder719
Universally Recognized as a Mature and Responsible Adult.

Playing on OCTGN? I'm on US Eastern Time; you can check what time it is for me here.


Name: Evan Jones
TCO name: Hogtrail
Discord name: Hogtrail
OCTGN name: Hogtrail


Name: Bob Theriault
TCO name: Bobino
Discord name: Bobino
OCTGN name: Bobino


Pat Eshghy of The Raw Deal Evolution
First Ever Revolution Qualifier Winner
2007 LCQ Costume Contest Winner as Umaga
Offical Jobber to Nate Weiss


Scott Mackie
ScottTHG on the OCTGN

......I'm kinda obligated to enter arent i? 😀
Thanks to the much hated Revolution Format and Roman Reigns' spear I beat three other folks to be your current Raw Deal Champion and the "most irrelevant one in history" ...yay me :)


...I am obligated to oppose you. 😂

Mitchel Friederick
TCO Name: Mitch!
Discord Name: Mitch
OCTGN name: Deadpool1985
Mitch of Team Niki Heber and Friends
Only B2B's Deck to Ever Win Worlds!
The Heel HHH of Raw Deal


Name: Joe Manack
TCO name: Votiga
Discord name: Votiga
OCTGN name: Votters


Name: Will Tuttle
TCO Name: Freedude232
Discord Name: Freedude232
OCTGN Name: Freedude232


Name: Matt Kanter
TCO name: GloveSaveNABeaut
Discord name: GloveSaveNABeaut
OCTGN name: RawIsJericho


Name: Anthony Christopher (Paypal-TopTierNutrition)
TCO name: TheGameInterferes
Discord name: TheGameInterferes
OCTGN name: GameInterferes


Name: Brandon Fuller
TCO Name: Lawnmowerman
Discord Name: The_Cannibal_King
Otgn Name: TheCannibalKing
Current Illinois Tournament Organizer.


Name: Andrew Ho
TCO name: JaggerJack
Discord name: JaggerJack
OCTGN name: JaggerJack


Name Sean Hoover
TCO Name SHoover412
Discord Name SHoover412
OCTGN Name SHoover412


Name: Jeff
TCO name: Oderschvank
Discord name: Oderschvank
OCTGN name: Oderschvank


Name: Azarith Stryffe
TCO name: azarithstryffe
Discord name: Azarith_Stryffe
OCTGN name: azarithstryffe


... might as well get this out of the way

Name: Sean Taft
TCO name: KD8ESU
Discord name: KD8ESU
OCTGN name: kd8esu

now, I just hope some of that info I rarely use is accurate.


Name: Staceyg933 (gf's PayPal)
TCO Name: Davie_Stevie_87
Discord Name: Davie_Stevie_87
OCTGN Name: Davie_Stevie_87


Name: Taufik (Keith will help on my behalf)
TCO name: badman992
Discord name: Big T #3671
OCTGN name: badman992


James Andrew McNab
TCO Name: Jam1987
Discord Name: JAM
OCTGN name: Jam1987


Name: Jason B
Tco name: mcf13
Discord name: mcf13
Octgn name: SwiftMode