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The Judgement Day

Started by rachelmon, July 21, 2022, 05:17:22 PM

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The Judgement Day
Stable Superstar Ability:
Once during your turn, you may discard 2 Hand cards and name a maneuver type. The maneuver type is Multi for the rest of the turn. When the maneuver is successfully played, overturn 2 cards and end your turn. You may pack Arsenal Maneuver cards with Damien Priest & Rhea Ripley logo.

Leader of Judgement Day
Backstage Area
When packing this card, you may pack Edge Non-Revolution Non-Trademark Finisher Unique Arsenal Maneuvers.
Discard 1 less card and overturn 1 less card when you activate your Superstar Ability.
During your turn, you may hide this card and Arsenal search for 1 Non-hybrid Superstar Specific maneuver. When that is the next card played, it cannot be reversed.

New Member Unveiled
Backstage Area
When packing this card, you cannot pack other Superstar Specific Backstage cards, and you may pack maneuver cards with Finn Balor Logo.
Whenever you use your Ability, you may choose 1, Promo: 2 or Bury 2- Ringside cards.
During any turn, you may hide this card and your opponent's reversal to your next maneuver is +20F.

The Reckoning
Trademark Finisher
When this card is Multi, can only be reversed from opponent's hand.
F:35 D:15