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Precision Haymaker

Started by Tim (From SG), May 09, 2022, 12:01:27 AM

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Tim (From SG)

Hi guys, would just like to check and clarify the following scenarios when precision Haymaker is played.

#1: Player A plays precision Haymaker and forces player B to draw 5 for p haymaker's effect. Player B plays a Backslide in response which triggers a pinfall victory as player B had 30 more fortitude than player A. However, player B only has 3 cards left in arsenal. In this case, does it count as double pinfall, resulting in a draw?

Or does player A wins first, due to the forced draw for p haymaker?

The above scenario is without special guest referee being put into play.

#2: same situation as #1, but player B plays Ole instead of reversing it with Backslide. 

In this scenario, does Ole stop the pinfall from P haymaker's forced draw 5 effect, but sponging 7? Or will P haymaker's effect prevail first and trigger a pinfall victory before Ole's effect can happen?

Would appreciate the clarification on the above mentioned scenario, thanks and have a great week ahead!


Drawing will never pin a player. If player b has 3 cards left, he will draw 3 and then he can attempt to reverse haymaker.

In scenario 1 he will win via the text of backslide

In scenario 2, haymaker will be successful, he will play Ole, discard 1, shuffle in 7, and then apply damage since Haymaker is RMS. This can still be reversed from arsenal

Tim (From SG)

Thanks much Hogtrail for the clarification!

That means I've been having my thoughts wrong all along. All along I thought Precision Haymaker may force a pinfall with the forced draw 5 effect when used, before opponent responds with a reversal.

The clarification is something new to me. Thanks!



Yeah, just to clarify further, the official definitions of Pinfall and Countout:

-You win the game when your opponent is required to overturn any number of cards and cannot. This is a Pinfall.
-You also win the game if your opponent has no cards in his Arsenal at the end of any turn. This is a Count Out.

Drawing is never overturn, so it can never cause a Pinfall by itself.
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Tim (From SG)

Got it, thanks very much Dilbert for also confirming this clarification with specific definitions for better clarity.

Appreciate it very much as a raw deal fan and player.