[bWo 2] - Bobino World Open 2 Tournament Announcement and Sign-ups (VC - OCTGN)

Started by Bobino, July 19, 2022, 05:16:16 PM

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Hey Yo!

bWo - The Bobino World Open went amazingly, as we crowned our inaugural champion, DebuRaito.

Money in the Bank has been released, and a lot of peeps have been clamering for the chance to try out the new meta, so I've got three words for ya!

We're Running Again.

Format: Virtual Classic
Entry: All Welcome, No cost
Structure: Swiss w/ Single-Elimination Top-Cut
Time Frame: First pairings will be announced on August 1st, with a soft goal of a one-week turnaround
Tournament Rules: Diversity Rule in Effect, Decklists due before First Pairings posted.

Any specific questions are welcome here, or on the Raw Deal Discord.

Feel Free to sign-up here, via DM, Discord in the #online-tournament thread, or Discord direct message via sign-up sheet provided.

Any sign-up info CAN BE EDITED all the way until final cut-off on August 1st 12:01am EST, so feel free to sign-up even if you aren't sure of Superstar or dont have a decklist yet. That info can be added and/or changed until the Tournament begins.

Discord Name:


Name: Hogtrail
Superstar: TBD
Discord Name: Hogtrail
OCTGN Name: Hogtrail


Name: Dilbert505
Superstar: Right to Censor
Discord Name: Dilbert719
OCTGN Name: Dilbert719
Universally Recognized as a Mature and Responsible Adult.

Playing on OCTGN? I'm on US Eastern Time; you can check what time it is for me here.


Name: Dave
Superstar: The Great liberator
Discord: Davie_Stevie_87
OCTGN: Davie_Stevie_87


Name: Brian P
Superstar: TBD
Discord Name: MightyBP aka TCO's BigPimpin
OCTGN Name: flyinbrian27
100% reason to remember the name.

Lucky for you...I am mighty.


Name: Mike
Superstar: Rhea Ripley
Discord Name: MikeSkizo
OCTGN Name: MikeSkizo


Name: DebuRaito
Superstar: To be confirmed
Discord Name: DebuRaito
OCTGN Name: DebuRaito


Name: Newlands
Superstar: TBD
Discord Name: Newlands86
OCTGN Name: Newlands86