VC OCTGN league Cycle 2021/2022

Started by Davie_Stevie_87, November 28, 2021, 02:23:18 PM

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Thanks to all of you that signed/re-signed up to the OCTGN leagues again and participated in the draft too.

Ahead of the fixtures to be played over a consecutive period of time with the superstars gained from the draft starting from the 1st of December 2021 and ending no later than the 1st of February 2022 with the expectation of organising your own mandatory matches (outlined on a Google sheet link which will be provided soon) by directly messaging your opponent(s) availability over discord.

Feel free to play any fixtures in advance if you know life interferes is gonna prevent you or your opponent from playing them at a later date and finally please use and refer to the following guidelines below that were not in place last cycle but will be this one and most likely the future too.

1. Refusal to play a match or respond to a player asking to have their fixture played for any given reason such as not agreeing to play with a microphone (as it is NOT a mandatory requirement) and or I don't like playing that player etc will result in a No Show Victory/Loss respectfully unless any player willingly chooses to forfit their match to there opponent by letting them know not to contact them or try and reschedule the match it will be considered resolved and points awarded and deducted where necessary for at least trying to play the fixture etc.

2. In the event it becomes clear post match that an illegal play had been made during a match and or accepted at the time, the result of the match stands - all recognise that it remains the responsibility of those playing the match to enforce laws and rules of the game as well as spot packing restrictions etc and may result in a Disqualification Victory/Loss respectfully.

3. If any player encounters technical difficulties during a match and or is permanently disconnected from the server for whatever reason, please mutually agree to attempt to recreate game state at the point of disconnection as best you can with whatever evidence you can provide (screenshots) or alternatively restart the match with the same decks and construction unless any player wants to forfit the match to their opponent for whatever reason to award them their respected victory.

4. After a match has been resolved and winner has been declared via whatever method it would be much appreciated if it were shared on this post or in the raw deal league thread on discord with the key information of what league it was, who played the match with what superstars with whatever fortitude each player ended the match and feel free to leave any comments for community feedback too.

If you have any more questions or concerns that haven't already been raised or answered, please don't hesitate to get in contact with myself if anything is still not clear to you.

Thank you for reading this and best of luck to you in your respected leagues and matches, hope you all have fun too and without further ado let the games begin!