[bWo] - Bobino World Open Tournament Announcement and Sign-ups (VC - OCTGN)

Started by Bobino, March 11, 2022, 10:28:06 PM

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Hey Yo!

I'm proud to announce the first Bobino World Open Tournament.

Just inspired to bring about an Open, for-fun Virtual Tournament to the Online scene.

Format: Virtual Classic
Entry: All Welcome, No cost
Structure: Swiss w/ Single-Elimination Top-Cut
Time Frame: First pairings will be announced on April 1st, with a one-week turnaround
Tournament Rules: Diversity Rule in Effect, Decklists due before First Pairings posted.

The sign-up sheet requests Country playing from for match-up reasons. Enough players sign-up to break up into two divisions with similar time frames, that info could be useful ahead of time. Also, if I can muster it, I wanted to add a bit of flavor to match-ups, so a country flag or similar may be displayed with your name.

Any specific questions are welcome here, or on the Raw Deal Discord.

Feel Free to sign-up here, via DM, Discord, or Discord direct message via sign-up sheet provided.

Any sign-up info CAN BE EDITED all the way until final cut-off on April 1st 12:01am EST, so feel free to sign-up even if you aren't sure of Superstar or dont have a decklist yet. That info can be added and/or changed until the Tournament begins.

Country Playing from:
Discord Name:


Name: MikeSkizo
Superstar: I have a few weeks to decide
Country Playing from: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Discord Name: MikeSkizo
OCTGN Name: MikeSkizo


Name: Keith0913832
Superstar: Myself, Keith Lee
Country Playing from: Singapore
Discord Name: Keith0913832
OCTGN Name: Keith0913832


Name: Hogtrail
Superstar: not sure yet
Country Playing from: 🇺🇲💪🦅
Discord Name: Hogtrail aka the GOAT
OCTGN Name: Hogtrail


Scott Mackie
Superstar TBA but im almost sure
Playing in 'Murica!
Discord name: CRASHER
OCTGN name: ScottTHG
Thanks to the much hated Revolution Format and Roman Reigns' spear I beat three other folks to be your current Raw Deal Champion and the "most irrelevant one in history" ...yay me :)


Brian P
Superstar: Watch this space
Country: USA
Discord name: MightyBP
OCTGN name: flyinbrian27
100% reason to remember the name.

Lucky for you...I am mighty.


Name: Dave
Superstar: not sure yet
Country Playing from: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💪🦄
Discord Name: Davie_Stevie_87
OCTGN Name: Davie_Stevie_87


Name: Shelan
Superstar: Leaks on Fools' Day
Country Playing from: Singapore City, Singapore.
Discord Name: Shelan™
OCTGN Name: DonDivinity
"Imagine speaking with your oldest, wisest, most optimal future self. What you're doing is tapping deep into your subconscious. Let your choices be guided by the person you hope to become." — Brianna Wiest

Discord: DonDivinity™ ~ Shelan
OCTGN: DonDivinity


Name: DebuRaito
Superstar: Unsure
Country Playing from: Singapore
Discord Name: DebuRaito
OCTGN Name: DebuRaito



First: Quick update! When you have decided on your deck and superstar, we have a wonderful volunteer in Karkamus collecting and handling the decklists. He said you can PM him here, his name is Tutoman on TCO or on Discord by the username @Karkamus. Thanks a lot!


Name: Matthardynotdie
Superstar: Unsure
Country Playing from:
Discord Name: Matthardynotdie
OCTGN Name: Matthardynotdie


Name: dilbert505
Superstar: Spoilers...
Country Playing from: USA (Eastern TZ)
Discord Name: dilbert719
OCTGN Name: dilbert719
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Playing on OCTGN? I'm on US Eastern Time; you can check what time it is for me here.