The Big Shot Question

Started by Kingsantino92, February 07, 2022, 08:41:33 PM

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The Big Shot
Backstage Card
Your maneuvers without a reversal restriction from a card are +#D, where # is equal to the number of your RFG cards; when you have lower Fortitude, they are also +2 Stun Value. Your opponent's maneuvers are -1D.
When you RFG cards for your Ability, put up to 3 of those cards on the bottom of your Arsenal instead.
When you overturn damage from your opponent's non-Superstar-specific reversal, you may put the same number of your RFG cards on the bottom of your Arsenal.

Would chain trait be considered an effect from a card for the added damage section of Big Shot. Like would a Leaping DDT get the extra damage?


The Chain trait is a reversal restriction from a trait, not from a card, so Leaping DDT would have its damage boosted.

(This is the same distinction that requires you to discard for Don't Be a Douchebag when you're reversing a Chain card; the restriction is from your opponent, so Dbag is a valid reversal, but it's not from a card, so you don't get to ignore the restriction.)
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Oh wow that's awesome. Thank you for taking the time to respond and give me that two for one answer!! I thought DBADB ignored the discarding requirement for chains so thanks for correcting me.