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Started by Fatdiez, October 31, 2021, 10:10:24 AM

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Hi all. Would like to have your input on which female superstar is b2b playable and reason for saying so. Preferably can let me know some tips on playing your superstar choice.

Thanks and cheers. :)


Nidia with the recyclable cannot be reversed trailer park slap under boosted damage from old school beating can give opponent a frustrating time. Same logic goes for Mae Young's finisher as well.


I've never seen them tried before, but I'm intrigued by The Man as a B2B Deck.  She doesn't lose her specific Pre-Match for B2B as she can play it in her Venue phase, she gets To Be The Man for free, and has a lot of automatic recovery (Backstage, To Be The Man) which helps your deck be bigger. 

Natayla is generally good with moves, especially since Calgary is in effect for your B2B maneuvers, but she loses 3 Pre-Match cards in the process.

Sasha Banks has an intriguing kit for B2B (the 10 Setups can all be maneuvers like Technical Monkey Flip) but I don't think it's played that well in the past.  CRASHER tried it, so he could tell you more.

Nidia was already mentioned, her Slap and Mid-Match Maneuvers make her excellent for B2B.  I think Mitch! ran her to great success.

Charlotte is a generally good superstar at anything, especially since a couple of the B2B maneuvers fall under her ability.  You do lose 3 Pre-Match cards, but she's generally good enough to overcome that.
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100% reason to remember the name.

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Damn I had forgotten about the b2b heel Sasha with the tb WWF Title and the OS Beatings to throw some hefty early moves, yeah she's a little silly but she can throw some hefty damage moves right out the box and make 'em stick, I had stuffed 6 tech monkey flips and 4 slingshots into the ringpost just to give her some finish to the deck, it wouldn't win a major event....but it was entertaining and different!
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I see a few interesting stars like mae young, the man and sasha. Although i find it quite hard that not many female superstars is a b2b viable deck. Thay being said, in honesy opinion. Not many stars in general is b2b viable.

Appreciate the inputs. Would definitely love to see more inputs though.


I had a Molly and Gail B2B back in the day that was decent.  Their ability makes strikes and grapples -3 (you choose every turn).  Packed all the B2B moves, a couple of actions to get back cards, and loaded up with reversals.