Local Baltimore Tourney 9/25/2021 2nd Place: Yokozuna

Started by Callisto, September 27, 2021, 02:39:57 PM

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Hey guys. I played this deck over the weekend at locals and came in 2nd. I went 4-1. My only lost was to Rhea Ripley. Here's my breakdown followed by deck list:

Round 1:

Yoko(F54) defeated X-Pac(F18)

I started off this game is a great hand, full of goodies like reversals, douchebag, back throw, and etc. After controlling the pace most of the game and getting up on fortitude, opponent had 20 or less left in arensal and play Pac's Back but i reversed with sidewalk and hit the banzai drop the follow turn to pin him.

Round 2:

Yoko(F39) defeated Bayley(F9)

This matchup was pretty one sided. Bayley had low Fortitude the whole game and i pin her with Yoko's Kick for the game.

Round 3

Rhea Ripley(F39) defeated Yoko(F55)

This matchup was my toughest all day and I got my ass kicked, plain and simple. Only got to 15 Fortitude for most of the game. Did crawl back eventually and was able to last thanks to Yoko extra big Arensal size. But the guy playing Rhea was relentless and out for blood lol. He build her NXt and Heel. Everytime i try to do a big move he had answer or he would just sustain and recover the turn. I even got my out of nowhere off and i still lost. Props to dude to making a solid deck and kicking my ass.

Round 4

Yoko(F63) defeated Rhyno(F58)

The match was very fun. The guy that plays Rhyno at my shop shows up every single week with a different Rhyno deck. The one he and played this week was a Volley build with Nxt support. I hope he starts posting his deck lists soon here. Long Story short Extreme Warfare is the main reason why this was a high fortitude match. Fortunately i was able to heal at some crucial times thanks to Yoko's Arensal being extra big. I scored a pin off Too many refs for game.

Round 5

Yoko(F41) defeated William Regal(F4)

I drew the best hand i got all day during this match and this guy is still learning so their isnt too much to say here.

1x Yokozuna
1x The Salt Ceremony
1x Victorious Villany
1x Legendary Defense
1x Mr. Fuji's Cane
1x WWE Raw Deal Fifth Anniversary
1x Raw Deal Tenth Anniversary
1x Backstage Autograph Session
1x Backstage Signature
1x WWE Signing Appearance
1x Classic Competitor
1x As Big and Tough as Any Two Men

1x Step Aside
1x Break the Hold
1x Escape Move
1x Cornette Interferes
1x Cornette's Motivational Speech
1x The Banzai Drop
1x Yokozuna's Classic Lariat
1x Yokozuna's Leg Drop
1x Yokozuna's Nerve Hold
1x Yokozuna's Savate Kick
1x Classic Distraction
1x Cornette's Patented Tennis Racket
3x No Sell Maneuver
3x Manager Interferes
2x Anything and Hate It
2x Hold the Phone!
1x Armageddon
1x Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!'
1x The Raw Deal Revolution
1x Divine Intervention
1x Don't be a Douchebag!
2x Don't Try This at Home
3x Get the 'F' Out!
1x Two-Time! Two-Time!
1x Here Comes the Cavalry!
1x Shocking Interference
3x Volley This!
1x Out of Nowhere
1x Legendary Ring Skills
1x Cowboy Bob Orton Interferes
1x Classic Elbow Smash
1x Classic Drop Kick
1x Classic Double Clothesline
1x Classic Vertical Suplex
1x Classic Bulldog
1x Classic Claw
1x Classic Neck Wrench
1x Classic Toss Out of the Ring
1x Classic Leg Work
1x Classic Clothesline
1x Classic DDT
1x Classic Power Bomb
1x Classic Gorilla Press Slam
2x Elbow to the Face
1x Too Many Rules and Too Many Refs
1x You Missed Your Chance
2x Strangle Hold
1x Eye Rake
1x Back Rake
2x Sidewalk Slam
1x Leg Drag
3x Samoan Drop
1x Classic Arm Drag
1x Backslide
1x Inside Cradle
1x Back Throw
1x Brass 'Nuks' Shot
1x Power Slam

Backlash Deck
1x The Biggest Champion in WWF History
1x Japanese Flag
1x Saturday Night's Main Event
1x Managed by Jim Cornette
1x Camp Cornette
1x A No Show
1x Rules Were Meant to be Broken
1x Night of Champions
1x Ruthless Aggression
1x A Family Legacy
1x Mr. Fuji's Handful of Salt
1x Cornette's Ringside Support
1x Unscrupulous S.O.B.
1x Outside Interference
1x Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
1x You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1x Restricted Use in This Area
1x Sustained Damage
1x Introduce Your Brain to Your Mouth...
1x This Is Going to be an Old School Brawl!
1x Dirty Low Blow
1x Making Your Escape
1x The King Interferes!
1x One of the Big Boys

Thanks for reading guys. Ill be posting other deck list from the other players i get them.


Looking over this deck.  Do you have Mr Fuji cane in here just to move to arsenal?  since it says you cant show until you play back by mr fuji?