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WALTER is all about the Chops and getting maneuvers into your Ring. He does get an inherent weakness with a smaller than usual Handsize and the need to pull out the Chops to trigger the ability.

Therefore stun values would come into play for this deck, and no better way to get them than via Volley maneuvers. Quick wins can probably come from Backslides and Inside Cradles, while the burn will come from Nigel since reversing Chop + Strike will put both under it for burn 2.

WALTER / Heel / NXT / Fan Favourite / Volley

The NXT Breakout Star
The Five-Star Ring General
Standing at Ease
Chop x 3
Chop to the Chest x 3
Knife Edge Chop x 3
Classic Chop

We're Not Your Kind*
Empress Ballroom, Blackpool*
Tech in a Bottle
Symphony of Destruction*
Managed by Lita
Corey Graves: Savior of Misbehavior*
Mauro Ranallo: The Voice of NXT*
NXT Takeover*
NXT UK Title Belt
Pyrotechnic Volley
Nigel McGuinness: NXT's Artful Dodger*
The Opening Volley
Trending Worldwide

You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Your Reach Exceeds your Grasp
Restricted Use in The Area
Outside Interference
The Road to Victory
Unscrupulous S.O.B.
Introduce Your Brain to your Mouth
Sustained Damage
Topé Suicida
WALTER's Splash

Maneuvers (26)
Chump Punch x 3
Straight Clothesline x 3
Straight Head Butt x 3
Classic Judo Chop
Solarplex Knife Edge Chop x 3
Kidney Punch x 3
Fisticuffs x 3
The Ol' Straight-Arm Shot x 3
WALTER's Shotgun Dropkick
WALTER's Sleeper
WALTER's Shotgun Chop
WALTER's Power Bomb

Actions (6)
Here Comes the Cavalry
Volley Call x 2
Mamma Mia
The NXT Generation
The Bull from Vienna

Reversals (28)
Counter Hold
Counter Assault
Counter Throw
Elbow to the Face x 2
Get the F Out x 3
Manager Interferes x 3
Volley This x 2
No Chance in Hell TB x 2
Don't Try This At Home x 2
Hold the Phone
Divine Intervention
Don't be a Douchebag
Carlito Says "That's Not Cool!"
Unintended Consequence
No Sell Maneuver
Inside Cradle
WALTER's Brutal Lariat
The Mat is Sacred
The Most Dominant Wrestler in NXT UK

-Everything can be played, with the Asterisks being free due to the Allegiance.
-Managed by Lita is the Draw engine required to boost your hand and Trending Worldwide (played as the last card) would be there for added hand bonus.
-Tech in a Bottle is there to search out something to play your first Chop with while Pyro is there to help get your first move through if possible.
-Blackpool, NXT UK title is there for the damage boost.
-MVP is probably Nigel as mentioned above. When Chop + strike is reversed, both will go under Nigel and whenever the opponent would attempt to play a maneuver, he has to overturn 2. The more he reverses, the more it would cost for him to play a maneuver, so chances are he would alternate between reversing and letting your maneuvers in so the most cost he has to pay is overturning 2.

Staple reversals, and packing, nothing special.

Fan-favourite Strikes are used because they generally have more stun value to draw off to boost your hand and draw into more Chops, while also acting as a backup to win games with Backslide or Inside Cradle.

Mostly for recovery.

The plan for fortitude gain is a bit wobbly, so Counter reversals were chosen since they will go to ring if reversed from arsenal.

Overall it is a very straightforward deck of drawing into Chops and playing them with Volley maneuvers to get the stun to get out another chop for the next turn. It's also a good way to cycle through your decks along with 5 Star General since you have 70 cards to go through.

Hope the decklist helps to get you started!


WALTER cannot pack DLB TB, Boot Lace, or Precision Kick since they have reversal restrictions


Quote from: Hogtrail on August 31, 2021, 05:44:33 AM
WALTER cannot pack DLB TB, Boot Lace, or Precision Kick since they have reversal restrictions