King of the Ring online Virtual Classic tournament

Started by PEsh021, April 17, 2021, 12:32:17 AM

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@Raw Dealer After much discussion with @Azarith_Stryffe we are finally ready to announce our next tournament, The King of the Ring!
Registration will take place starting now until Saturday May 8th at midnight EST. We will be requiring deck lists for this and will be using the diversity rule. Please sound off interest in this thread or the accompanying TCO thread. Once ready, please PM your decklists to @dilbert719 prior to the end of registration. We will be verifying decks are legal, and will let you know if changes need to be made prior. Since this is an online tournament and there will be something at stake (we will get to that shortly) we will also be doing a some number of random deck checks via spectator mode on OCTGN. If a deck is found to be different than the decklist sent during registration, this will result in disqualification from the event.

Prizing will be included for this event! We debated a bit as to what to put up for a prize and we eventually came down to this. 1st place will be offered a choice of an undisclosed Backstage Signature card or the choice to have their deck immortalized in foil through Make Playing Cards!
Swiss Rounds will be 1 week long to accommodate our players in different time zones and pairings will be posted Wednesdays starting  May 12th. Please post results in the online-tournament discord thread with each players fortitude values and whether a victory was achieved by Pinfall or Countout. Pinfalls will be worth 3 points and Countouts will be worth 2 points and a Loss will be worth 0 match points. If results are not posted prior to Monday at midnight EST both players will receive a loss unless documentation is provided to show an attempt was made to play the match. We will be reviewing these on a case by case basis. Please title your OCTGN games as King of the Ring Round X Player name vs. Player name, so we are easily able to find your matches. Unless stated otherwise by your opponent, all Backstage Shenanigans cards are considered to be revealed.

Depending on the number of players we will be doing a top cut to either top 8 or top 4 and we would like to record all of these matches, if possible. So once the players have agreed upon a time to play, please let myself or @Azarith_Stryffe know so coordinate recording.

Any changes that would need to be made will be posted in this discord channel and on the TCO thread. Please have fun and I look forward to seeing some awesome decks in the ring.
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Sign me up. No idea what I'll use yet but swiss is my jam


sounds good, count me in and Al have a review of my decks soon before submitting my superstar too.




Interest in this I do have ..... hopefully the in-home medical situation I'm dealing with (not mine) doesn't make me have to miss out, but I don't think it will as long as I can play my games post 930pm ish
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I am in. Someone remind me of the deck list before we start.


100% reason to remember the name.

Lucky for you...I am mighty.


I'm in, will submit a deck list nearer to the closing date.


I'm in as well. Still deciding on what deck I'm running.


Sure....haven't played in months but I'll hop on. I know you guys mentioned recording, but I'll probably stream my games as well


Since my name is already in the roster. Why not?  ;)


Been a great tournament so far, enjoying the hell outta it.