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Humberto Carrillo
« on: February 06, 2021, 05:31:40 PM »
Humberto Carrillo
HS 6
SV 1
SSA: Your cards titled Springboard, From the Top Rope and From the Middle Turnbuckle are F:0 and can be played after a successfully played submission maneuver.
You can pack High-Flying Style and superstar-specific 'Lucha' cards that do not have your logo, they are unbranded and they are not cheater.

Stunning Lucha Style
Backstage Card
You can only activate one 'Lucha' activated card effect each turn and you do not discard for your opponents reversal effects to them.
Your submission maneuvers without a reversal restriction are +1 stun value.
Once during each of your turns you can RFG a pre-match card in your ring area to put a non-unique pre-match card from your ringside into your ring.
Unique RMS

The First Family of Lucha Libre
(+Angel Garza logo)
Pre match event
Can be played during the allegiance phase, cannot be blanked.
Your 'Lucha' cards do not take up a slot in your ring.
Your opponent cannot respond to your first high risk or your first action: set-up card of each turn with cards with 'Cow' or 'Reach' in the title.
When you successfully play a submission maneuver you may arsenal search 1 action: set-up card.
Unique Permanent

Stunning Lucha Moonsault
Mid-match trademark finisher
This card is considered a high risk for your action: set-up cards.
Can only be played after a submission maneuver or a set-up card.
When this card is unsuccessful you may discard a set-up card to put this card in your backlash.

Dale Gas!
Reversal: maneuver
Ringside/Arsenal search upto 2 submission maneuvers.

Step on it!
Action/reversal: special
As an action your opponent cannot play actions or activate any cards for his next 2 turns.
As a reversal reverse any non-maneuver or activated card effect.