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« on: February 06, 2021, 05:24:10 PM »
This Is What's Best For Business
Stephanie McMahon logo
Backstage card
When packing this card you may pack The Era of the Superstar but you cannot pack enforcers.
Your starting hand size is +8 and your superstar value is +3.
Your superstar specific cards are not cheater, fan favorite or smackdown.
Replace 'hide 2 Enforcer' with 'RFG 2 ringside' on Don't Mess With the Boss's Daughter!.
Ignore 'can only be played...' on your 'McMahon' pre-match cards.
When your opponents superstar value is less than yours, he is considered to have the same superstar value as you for your other superstar-specific effects.
One during each of your turns before your draw segment you may look at the top 3 cards of your arsenal and rearrange them in any order.
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Looks like a nice idea. I never understood why they did that Enforcer thing.
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