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Rhea Ripley
« on: January 09, 2021, 02:00:49 PM »
First time posting in here. I made up a card set for Rhea Ripley I'd like to share. Under each (relevant) card is my thought process on how I thought it would suit her in ring style.

Rhea Ripley
HS 5
SSA: Once during each of your turns you can put 2 hand cards and 1 ringside card on the bottom of your arsenal and draw 1 card.
You can pack No Sell Maneuver and non-unique multi maneuvers but you cannot pack non-unique high risks.

Part 1 of the ability is really just an ability I've wanted for any NXT superstar to get the best of From NXT to WWE, with the amount of times she has been rumored for a call up I think it suits her, not to mention she's the only NXT superstar to be in a featured match at Wrestlemania. Part 2, No Sell was a no brainer for her, she can beat up folks as well as the guys so she can have most Multis. She does do high risks but isn't known for them and when she does them, its special, hence why she only gets Uniques.

The Nightmare
Backstage Card
Overturn half as many cards (min. 1) when using The NXT Breakout Star and discard 1 fewer card when you play No Sell Maneuver.
Once during each of your turns you can put one Rhea Ripley specific or D1+ card from your ring into your ringside pile and your opponent puts 1 card from his hand on the bottom of his arsenal.
Unique NXT RMS

It had to be a name for a card, what could potentially be a nightmare for her opponent to deal with without being too powerful? Well, here we are! Plus you'll see with some other effects here there's SYNERGY!

This Is My Brutality!
Pre-Match event
Cannot be blanked
Your maneuvers are +#D and can only be reversed by superstar-specifics or reversals of #D- where # is equal to the number of Rhea Ripley specific cards in your ring.
Replace 'Bayley' with 'Rhea Ripley' on your NXT Womens Championship Title Belt.
Unique NXT Permanent

Again, had to be a name for a card. How is best to represent it? I think this style of card would suit her no nonsense, aggressive style.

The Heavy Metal Kid
When this card is in your ring when you use your ability your opponent puts 1 hand card on the bottom of his arsenal.
When this card is in your ringside overturn 1 fewer card for The NXT Breakout Star.
Ringside search 1 NXT card or arsenal search 1 card with NXT in the text.
Unique NXT Multi

A pick your poison type card for Rheas opponent, plus SYNERGY!

Rheas Full Nelson Slam
Grapple/reversal: strike/high risk
When this card is in your ringside and you use your ability you can put this card on the bottom of your arsenal.
As a maneuver this card is -8F and can only be reversed from backlash or arsenal.
SV 1 NXT Unique

Prisim Trap
Submission+Trademark Finisher
Your opponent cannot play Over Sell Maneuver in response to this card.
Ringside/arsenal search Maintain Hold.
When this card is reversed from your opponents arsenal you may discard 2 cards to continue your turn but you can only play Maintain Hold for the rest of the turn.
SV 1 Unique NXT Multi

Rip Tide
Trademark Finisher/Reversal: Special
When this card is in your ring and you use your ability you may put it on the bottom of your arsenal.
As a reversal, reverse any non-unique non-maneuver card.
SV3 Unique NXT

Rheas Basement Dropkick
F4 D6
When you put this card from your hand on the bottom of your arsenal with your ability you may put 1 non-reversal card RFG on the bottom of your arsenal.
Unique NXT

The maneuver portion is all about giving her useful maneuvers that aren't just throw aways. Synergy with other cards in the set and just because some are hybrid, doesn't really mean you're gonna hold on to it to use it as a reversal, like I would tend to do with a Spinning T Kick for example.

Ground & Pound
Reversal: Special
F0 D3
Cannot be packed when packing D1+ pre-match cards.
This card is considered heat for your card effects.
When this card is in your ringside and your opponent successfully plays a non-maneuver card you may put this card into your ring, blank his cards text and damage and end his turn.
Unique NXT Permanent Throwback

Heat for card effects? Why? Because she could dump it with a Spontaneous Combustion in the pre-match and try to force a more aggressive game out of her opponent. Like her ring style. Also, to stay somewhat true to the OG version of this card.

The First NXT UK Womens Champion
Action/Reversal: Special
As an action your opponent discards 2 cards and you may shuffle upto 6 ringside/RFG cards into your arsenal.
As a reversal reverse any non-maneuver card or activated card effect, when overturned; -8F and can also reverse a non-damage card effect.
When successfully played your opponent overturns 8 cards.
Unique NXT

The numbers used on this card is strictly for cuteness. The date she won that championship.
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