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Started by KyleTheStyle, May 27, 2015, 11:52:37 AM

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Hi everyone. I've been a Raw Deal enthusiast for years, but never managed to build a collection. Recently, due to some reminiscing about ccgs, my friend and I got the desire to start playing RD.

Due to neither of us having a collection, I figured NRD would be an excellent choice for us. However the rules document doesn't seem to be available.

Can anyone give me a rundown on rules changes to classic RD? Even better, if anyone has the rules document, could I bum it?

Thanks for keeping this game alive, guys.


I too would like a copy of the rules. I have built a card creator program and will be posting it soon. It makes creating new card a breeze.


*groggy*  Huh...?  Wuzzat?

I honestly have no idea what I did with the rules document.  I've changed computers several times since NRD.

It would probably be easier for me to answer specific questions rather than go find it.
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