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Started by LawnMowerMan, April 29, 2020, 03:17:25 AM

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1x Enough Shenanigans!
1x The Era of the Superstar
1x Legendary Women's Champion
1x The Fabulous Moolah
1x Feminine Wiles
1x Really, That's Enough Shenanigans
1x Raw Deal Tenth Anniversary
1x No More Shenanigans
1x WWE Raw Deal Fifth Anniversary
1x Old School Shenanigans
1x Celebrity Shenanigans
1x Defeating Villainous Shenanigans
1x Nostalgia Shenanigans

1x Unintended CONsequences
1x Don't Try This at Home
1x Revolutionizing the Division
1x Backhand Slap
3x Shoulder Block
2x Girly Grab
3x Chump Punch
2x Volleyed Beyond the Edge
3x Volley This!
3x Super Punch
1x Don't be a Douchebag!
1x Breaking Ground
1x Divine Intervention
3x Sloppy ... Very Sloppy
3x A Revolution of the Mind
2x Nerve Hold
2x Once is Enough
3x Shoot Action
1x The Older the Berry...
1x ...The Sweeter the Juice
1x Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!'
1x Here Comes the Cavalry!
1x The Raw Deal Revolution
1x The Moolah Whip
1x Back Throw
1x Cowboy Bob Orton Interferes
1x In My Day, a Maneuver Was a Maneuver

Backlash Deck
1x Underrated Superstar
1x Playing by the rules
1x Managed by 'The Mouth of the South' Jimmy Hart
1x The Champ Is Here!
1x Ready to Fight
1x Shoot Counter
2x Panic Throw
1x Frankie Takes Ho-llywood
1x Restricted Use in This Area
1x Tech In a Bottle
1x Managed by Lita
1x You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1x Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
1x This Is Going to be an Old School Brawl!
1x The Road to Victory
1x Undermine the Competition
1x The Women's Evolution
1x The King Interferes!
1x The Opening Volley
1x Night of Champions
1x Through All of These Years
2x Pyrotechnic Volley

This was a pretty fun deck to build. I don't think I've ever seen anyone go a volley route with moolah.
for the pre-match the most important things to get out are Jimmy, the pyros, playing by the rules, all these years and possibly tech. From turn one I just start to remove anything I feel is essential to the deck. IF possible I'll try to get rid of the don't try's as they can come in hand to my opponent late game when I'm acing volley beyond the edge. both times I've used the deck I've just been lucky to get a volley in play start of game and both opponents were not chain or heat. This deck just sits and stalls for the most part. even though she doesn't get the benefit of packing thrust knee lifts her ability paired with the small volley maneuvers that remove cards and volleyed beyond the edge is more than enough to pump up the whip. She also gets the benefit from legend cards and era of the superstar. It's certainly a fun deck. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
Current Illinois Tournament Organizer.


1) You would probably need a belt if you're intending to play The Champ is Here

2) Leg Drag TB > Nerve Hold, having an answer against Precision Haymaker is more reliable than being able to reverse any straight up Grapple/Submission

3) Regarding the Precision Haymaker threat, maybe a Special Guest Ref? Opponent forcing you to draw 5 thins out 11% of your health

4) If you're not running Cheater, try Ole! It's good against maneuvers like Punch After Punch and might provide a clutch recovery, it gets -5F from Playing by the Rules TB as well.

5) Avoid compromising on staple Reversals, keep your DTTAH x 3 (or x2 at least if that is your local meta) and Once is Enough x 3, try squeezing in I've Got One Thing to Say About This to provide more "cannot be reversed" coverage

All in all, a volley Moolah is definitely a refreshing idea, but it seems like you're trying to do too much and might need to resort back to the girly moves/panic grab to gain early fortitude and bridge into Shoot Actions for bridging more fortitude and opening Shoot Counter, resulting in redundancy for the Volley aspects of the deck.

p.s. Try to see if your opponent is packing any Backslides and removed them when you can, since you probably wouldn't want to walk into one with your vulnerable volley strikes


1) Yeah, their was a belt in there before I posted. I took it out because my deck ended up being illegal. I never played the belt but it was the WWE championship. I prefer to keep the King Interferes over the belt. I was thinking about adding in Evening up the odds so I'll replace the champ is here with that.

2 and 3) although I do agree with you I have hardly seen anyone play precision Haymaker in a long time. Last night I played against Sabu who is strike heavy as well as high risk and I was able to counter quite a bit of them. Nerve hold is in there mainly for people who tend to be submission heavy. Maybe I'll take a look and see what I can remove to add in a leg drag.

4) I really must have overlooked Ole. I packed it in my Mae deck. I must have missed it when building Moolah.

5) I only packed 1 Don't try because I do have the women's evolution in my backlash that also stops ace effects. With 45 cards in Arsenal I did what I could with what I had. I figured maybe after a few more games if the reversal base needed a change I'd look into it. I may switch in an additional once is enough. But for right now the only thing I need to add at the moment would be leg drag and ole. Maybe since she can also pack maneuvers of 3D I'll take out consequences and backhand and add sidewalk slams for the additional F.
Current Illinois Tournament Organizer.