Supershow Going Over 3 days left!

Started by Steve Resk, March 21, 2020, 07:21:36 AM

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Steve Resk

In February we launched a Kickstarter for the latest installment of Supershow the game, with hopes that I would be our biggest campaign yet. We are grateful of the support that so far it has lived up to its hype. With all the craziness that is going in with covid-19 now more then ever we appreciate the overwhelming support. As a token of our appreciation to those who supported us we have unlocked ALL stretch goals for our backers, which were originally aimed at a much higher level. All support is appreciated, sharing, backing of course. I personally greatly appreciate the $1 backing because regardless of your interest in the game or situation you took the time to say, I hope you succeed.
Anyway, most importantly if your quarantined like myself and family, we hope you stay, safe, calm, connected and logical at this time.
Best Regards.
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"Going Over" is live 2/23/20


I appreciate those stretch goals being unlocked. Looking forward to all the great new content. Congrats again on another successful Kickstarter.
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