Author Topic: THE BOSS of the Dudleyz!  (Read 475 times)

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THE BOSS of the Dudleyz!
« on: February 06, 2020, 06:01:38 PM »
Spike Dudley (Heel/RAW/Cheater)
Brothers Forever

Pre-match: 12
Singapore City, Singapore*
NWO T-Shirt TB*
NWO Survey*
NWO Lethal Poison*
Underrated Superstar TB*
Making Your Escape
Managed by Lita*
Blood Is Thicker Than Wood
It's Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight...*
It's Showtime!
Pyrotechic Volley*
Trash Talkin Interview TB*

Mid-match: 12
Dirty Low Blow TB
Restricted Use
Sustained Damage
Your Reach
Old School Brawl
Dudley Dog
Pound 4 Pound
Brothers from Another Mother
NWO Re-enforcement Has Arrived

Maneuver: 20
Beatings from Dudleyville
Super Punch x2
Thrust Kick x2
Thrust Knee Lift x3
Cold-cocked x3
Punch after Punch x3
Fisticuffs x3
Kidney Punch x3

Hybrids: 14
Two Time Two Time
Shocking Interference
Dun Try x3
Volley This x3
Sidewalk Slam TB x2
Brotherly Love x3

Reversals: 24
Get Him, Boyz!
Harder than Hardcore
Carlito Says
You Missed Your Chance
Divine Intervention
Unintended Consequences
Breaking Ground
Psychotic Bump x3
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Manager Interferes x3
Elbow to the Face x2
No Chance in Hell TB x3
Get the F out x3

Action: 2
Here Comes the Calvary!

Play * only. Only replace Pyro with Showtime if opp is already on higher fortitude (BASH, CM punk pre-match etc etc)
Lita to fetch Punch after Punch, unless starting hand already have it
Trash talk to get rid of dun try.
get opponent to higher fort to hit low blow.
once low blow is in, activate Singapore + Brother forever to hit Punch after Punch (cannot be respond).
there you have the fort to dudley dog (can reverse all maneuver).  :D :D
another YOLO deck