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MLW Saturday Night SuperFight
« on: November 03, 2019, 08:17:29 AM »
Last night MLW held their first ever PPV, Saturday Night SuperFight. And WHAT a PPV it was!

If you can get a replay of this show, which can be found either on traditional PPV or Fite.TV, GET IT. The show is $20, and $20 is an absolute STEAL. This show was so good I wanted to send more money to MLW because I think they undercharged. MLW showed exactly what they are with this show, with a wide variety of matches and great action. This show is "PPV Booking 101". They even showed how to make overbooked portions enjoyable. My thoughts on this show:

-AEW and WWE should be banging down Jacob Fatu's door and trying to sign him when he becomes available. That dude is insanely talented. Jacob Fatu is what would happen if Umaga (Jacob's late uncle) and Jeff Hardy did the Fusion Dance. This is a guy that can carry a promotion's top belt as a lightning-quick, hard hitting monster heel. That and he's actually pretty good talking as well.

-Jordan Oliver and Brian Pillman Jr are both young and still growing, but their potential is limitless. Jordan Oliver could use some more meat on his bones, and Pillman needs to polish up his ring skills a bit more, but I think both could be highly sought after. Jordan Oliver has the potential to draw MJF levels of heel heat. It's so easy to hate the guy and want to punch him in the face. As for Pillman, he manages to both call back to his late father while standing out on his own.

-The Von Erich family has, against all odds, managed to continue their legacy in this generation. Marshall and Ross Von Erich, the sons of Kevin, have taken the Von Erich style and brought it into the 21st century. They have echoes of their dad and late uncles, but they stand out on their own, mixing in high-flying and Stone Cold Steve Austin brawling into the signature Von Erich style.

-Mance Warner is one crazy motherf***er. The things that guy is willing to do to his body makes his nickname "The Southern Psycho" fitting. He's the blue-collaredness of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the psychosis of Jon Moxley, and the charisma of Dusty Rhodes all wrapped into one.

-Timothy Thatcher is WALTER, only American. His grappling and mat wrestling are superb and keep you engaged throughout the bout. The dude wouldn't look out of place wrestling in the NWA in the 50s. Mat-based technical wrestling can work in engaging a modern crowd, and he shows you how it's done.

-Finally, Alex Hammerstone is a power wrestler that other feds should also be keeping an eye on. He's solid in the ring, and he's equal parts Triple H and Chris Jericho, in that he's egotistical beyond all belief while at the same time entertaining and hilarious as a comically serious meathead. He causes you to shift between moods but not feel awkward when it happens.
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