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Re: Virtual 10: Breaking Ground
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The three superstars you listed were made without NXT support in mind. So they’re not exactly missing out on it. Previous development allowed for Superstars that had been a part of the NXT brand in the past to be released from that point as a way to reflect where they came from. The vision in mind going forward is to keep Superstars as current to their on screen persona. Be it look, gimmick and where they appear weekly on tv.

NXT as a mechanic in the game is pretty powerful. That is another reason for us to disconnect Superstars from it. Raw Deal would end up being an NXT game with how the Superstars get called up, rather than someone new coming in new like AJ Styles or the Good Brothers. However, the NXT mechanic isn’t top dog in the game. If you look at the last two years of large events. (Worlds x2, NAC and Funkcon) you’ll see that NXT underperformed or wasn’t represented due to there being choice players would rather use in a tournament setting.

That being said, everything in the game is always under review for an update to make a better player experience and NXT is one thing that is discussed actively.

Hey Eric,

I think balance-wise, I would like to discuss a few things:

NXT as a brand mechanic is sort of unfair right now. 31 Superstars currently are considered as NXT, while WCW only has 17. NXT cards are almost quadrupled in exclusive cards closest to WCW which only has 1.

WCW's exclusive card, a pre-match can give them a 3F headstart.

NXT's cards can give you recursion in NXT Arrival, draw power via NXT Breakout Star, free Underrated Superstar via From NXT to WWE, -F on your cards and promo with Full Sail University.

When you are NXT, IT MATTERS. You get a clear advantage over other superstars that aren't. I think an allegiance like a nWo Shirt for NXTmust be printed to ensure some of that exclusivity is shared. nWo has 5 exclusive cards, but nWo Shirt ensures almost anyone can pack it as long as they decide to run the nWo allegiance.

My issue with Revival and to some extent Elias and Andrade is that they're not NXT and lose some of those advantages, I think there might want to be some discussion on this going forward as NXT itself becomes a more prominent brand mechanic in the game.

Of course, this is simply my 2 cents on the matter and I love Raw Deal. I appreciate what you, Creed, Daeva and countless others have done for the game but I hope you see where I'm coming from as well.

I totally agree, nxt ss nd their on drawback cards like phoenix rising/shoot lock up/ruthless aggression tb. They have way too much boost over the rest. for Raw Deal streams

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