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First and foremost, while there are some minor tweaks that need to be made here and there, by in large the series of superstars that I would like to see made is listed in a previous thread posted here:,18602.0.html

Now for the rest of the game.

It is time to talk about expanding the keyword base a little bit.

There is still a lot of verbiage that is used over and over again in the card game and through VRD as well. I think that there is a lot space that we can save with a series of keywords. such as Successful: which would replace if this card is successful. Reversed: Reversals to this card is. Then there is my biggest gripe is in the High Risk category and that is "May/Can only be played after X" whether that be a maneuver, card, damage etc. This can be cleaned up even further by using the keyword "Follow Up" For Example I will show the card Elbow Drop:

Elbow Drop

High Risk

Can only be played after a 4D or greater maneuver.

When successfully played, you may draw 1 card.

F: 6      D: 7

With the new keyword situations I am proposing it would like this.

Elbow Drop

High Risk

Follow Up: 4D+

Successful: You may draw 1 card.

F: 6      D: 7

As you can see there is a lot of space that is saved from the trading of 18 words down to 9. I think that a group of testers and developers can get together and come up with a series of keywords that will save space on the text part of the card to bring the game more up to date and in line with games such as Magic.

I am going to echo some of the real things that were talked about in the facebook thread.

Virtual Raw Deal needs to look at cards that should become staple cards for each deck now. I am an avid VRD player all of my decks at the moment are VRD updated. However there is a ton of classical elements that is still in a lot of my decks, it is almost to the point that I am building a classic deck to VRD superstars.

My standard reversal suite of cards has not changed since Summerslam with the introduction of "I Change the Questions" even with the introduction of the alternate reversals of "Quick Reflexes" and "Unexpected Turn of Events" from Vengeance, there is still not a lot of cards that change from deck to deck in the reversal sections. I think this needs to be pondered and addressed. However the phrase "If it is not broken do not fix it" comes to mind. I am going to say it is kind of hard to fix one of the perfect situations in the game.

As much as I have the suite for reversals, but I still hold a lot of older classic cards in high esteem in the maneuver and the actions department. While the maneuvers section keeps growing and I try to experiment from time to time with the newer VRD maneuvers, there is room for improvement. I feel like that we need to look at the sub sections of the maneuvers, such as Technical, Shoot, and Dynamic. I think that there should be a sub section of maneuvers for the Cruiserweight and High Flyers, like Tornado or Corkscrew without needing to attach Chain or Volley

Actions themselves I think needs to be slimmed down and maybe drown themselves into keywords in order to be come much more clearer. I am not really up on the actions in VRD due to the fact I really only use a handful of actions that are not Superstar specific. However I do like the idea of what was done with "Irish Whip" and "Throw into the Corner Turnbuckle" by making them a mid match card Throwback, and use them for "From the Top Rope" "From the Middle Rope" "Springboard" etc. This would free up deck space for other cards to be placed in the deck. This will also lend itself to allow for more "Required" keywords situations for High Risks and other maneuvers.

Well once again we are in the world of the WWE where we have a new generation of Title belts that need to be created. I know for the most part I think this has already been address by the rumbling and rumors that I have heard on the 9B update. But I think that needs to be addressed as well.

Okay to address the rumblings of doing things outside of the promotion. There are 3 full promotions, WWE, WCW and ECW that the crew have access to in the form of the Network to get pictures and what not. There are over 1000 gimmicks, superstars and other situations that are within the confines of the current product that any deviation from said product would be an exercise in futility. I know that the smart marks are going to want to have AEW stars or New Japan stars. That is where you need to influence the independent creators of the alternate art cards to make those cards for you. We do not need to have the limited amount of resources and manpower that is still keeping this game going to venture outside of the WWE at this time. Until we get a cease and desist order from WWE this is the way to go. 

In my previous thread that I have linked above I have 48 superstar suggestions upon which really added about 10-15 more due to the time from then until now. So the team if they were to take my stuff seriously would be busy for about the next 3-4 years and that was just 5 months ago. We have enough work to do with what we have now than trying to go for the most relevant thing out there. I know the WWE is not the best right now, but we can make it the best we can by doing the work we as Raw Dealers to make them feel great.

Speaking of superstars, unlike WWE which retires and un-retires superstars left right and center. I think with Raw Deal that we need to look to the horizon and begin to retire certain superstars from the production and development of the game actively. One of the thoughts that I had was that if a superstar and all of their incarnations count up to 72 cards (4 front and back 3x3 card pages) that it is time for them to be done. Of course that is going to target a lot of the Premier Set Superstars. Off the top of my head I think Taker is the closest followed by Jericho. This will allow the developmental team not have to worry so much about the effects of the older superstar to the new product while making sure that the more recent generation of cards are balanced and playable in the environment.

Releases. I know the feeling of having a crap ton of new cards to sift through and see what works and what does not. It makes each time a new set drops so exciting. But since we are a volunteer workforce I think that focused and more consistent releases could be the way to go. Here is what I would work it out. I would start off with introducing 2 maybe 3 new superstars at Wrestlemania. Then tease the next group to be released at Summerslam, and follow this path through the major PPV's this will give us a full set a year and something to look forward to from one PPV to the next. This is also the chance for the world at large to beta test the cards so we can get errata and clarification of the intent of the cards much quicker and everyone can feel like they helped in some small way.

I will add more to this when I have more thoughts gelled in a coherent thought
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Re: Thoughts and Suggestions for the new Lead Developer Eric RD
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2019, 03:39:11 AM »
Thanks for the post! Beat me to posting something here after the Facebook. We’ll definitely use this as a thread now for others.
What would you like to see in the Virtual sets? Be it a certain era of Superstars, less or more Specifics, wording changes, etc.

Would love to hear from anyone, be a Virtual or non-Virtual player. Just be sure to keep the conversation positive and constructive. for Raw Deal streams

Raw Deal games, videos and more.

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Re: Thoughts and Suggestions for the new Lead Developer Eric RD
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2019, 11:24:55 AM »
First of all I want to thank EricRD for going the way and keep Raw Deal alive. For me, Virtual was the best that could happen to RD and it made the game more balanced and enjoyable than ever before.

I'm not so deep into the tournament-style gaming as me and my group are playing a different style of RD.
Some thing I found very sad is that (beside the classical ones) there were not so much unspecific maneuvers in Virtual. Most of them Pre-Match, Reversals or Actions. And a ton of Backstage cards of course.

As far as Superstars go I don't want to post the typical list of 15 names I want to see (even if Elias and Ruby Riott are two names I really would love to see). But I think that some Superstars don't really need specific #30 (Rock, Jericho, Taker, Austin). Also Iike the idea of sets with 2-3 superstars for the big 4 PPV'S and for Christmas.

In case of wording, I'd like to see shorter card texts. Not because of new wordings to shorten them, just make some cards that can't do anything (can't be blanked, can't be removed, don't loose the game, etc. all on one Pre-Match).

That's just my two cents and I'm really looking forward to V9b.

Ah, and btw (as the Broods biggest fan), I always hated the card name "The Brood has my back". That sounds more like a card for a singles wrestler than for a stable. There would have been better options. ;)

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Re: Thoughts and Suggestions for the new Lead Developer Eric RD
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2019, 11:31:10 AM »
While I might change up the order a bit, I think DallasStar's original post presents a significant number of the people I would like to see brought to Raw Deal. There are so many exciting new faces in the product with NXT and 205 Live giving them an opportunity that never could have existed in just the Raw/Smackdown era of the company. While I understand completely that as the internet brings us more access to other promotions (I myself posted a link for folks to watch the most recent AEW show), there doesn't seem to be any reason to try and branch the game into other promotions. There's just so much great talent in the current product that has not yet had its opportunity in Raw Deal.

In terms of Superstar Support, I think the objectives should be: 1) balancing existing superstars who have "fallen by the wayside", and 2) opening those superstars up to players with limited libraries of printed product. From what I've seen, number 1 has been consistently a goal of the design team, and I issue kudos for it, and ask that it remain a priority. For number 2, it feels like a lot of older superstars (or superstars who received non-unique superstar specific support in the printed product) can feel like they're gated off because I can't afford to buy three Patented Austin Kick to the Guts, etc. So maybe consider when designing support cards, looking at those out-of-print superstars and asking whether they need new cards to remain competitive, or if, instead, they need something to help open them up as a deck choice.

I know this is far from a universal concern, but I own zero cards with the word "sledgehammer" in the title, so when I see a Triple H support card for sledgehammers (and to a lesser but still relevant extent, even just to support his superstar specific maneuvers), it does nothing to draw my attention to the deck. Again, I know full well that there are a huge number of other Superstars that have been well-designed and balanced, and I do not need to play Triple H to fully enjoy this game, nor am I asking you to give me all the cards I am missing from Raw Deal. But since part of the conversation is whether to cut off support for existing superstars, that's my suggestion: we do not necessarily need to cut off support for very, very well supported superstars, but new support should be properly directed.

Thanks for welcoming the conversation, and I'm excited to see what comes next.

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Re: Thoughts and Suggestions for the new Lead Developer Eric RD
« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2019, 07:48:16 AM »
Echoing many voices here, I'd love to see new superstars come to Raw Deal and the possible playstyles they will bring to the table, along with new card ideas, etc.

However, I will humbly disagree with one suggestion made: the "retirement" of superstars. Fact is, a lot of these older superstars have alternate identities (Taker/Deadman/Phenom/etc) and I hope to see more of those, possibly restricted something along the lines of Lionheart, if it makes sense. Not only that, a lot of these superstars have the problem of being "outdated" in their design and I hope something will be done to bring them up to par to Virtual Superstars like AJ Styles, for example, HHH has basically no superstar ability and maybe a playstyle we can add is to give him a reduced SHS and give him an ability to play around with and limit certain cards after testing, etc.

Of course, it's easier to suggest while being someone from outside looking in and I think Eric will bring something new to the table of Virtual and I am looking forward to it! May Raw Deal live forever!

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Re: Thoughts and Suggestions for the new Lead Developer Eric RD
« Reply #5 on: July 03, 2019, 11:50:50 AM »
Another thought what about smaller quarterly releases. Say 3-4 superstars every 3 months rather than one large set and possible sub set later in the year. That way it keeps bringing new content though at a smaller scale i feel it would be more exciting and keep interest high on those who enjoy virtual.