The First Ever LFF World Championship title defense results.

Started by Steve Resk, February 25, 2019, 07:23:04 AM

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Steve Resk

Last night in Louisville Kentucky, Supershow held its first World Championship Title defense.
This was a historic and special occasion for us as a Traveling title has always been the goal for us.
Sammi "The Draw" Callihan, who won the first World championship on the Chris Jericho, rock and wrestling Rager at sea (playing Sammi Callihan), went up against 2018 breakout star of the year " the Baanomenal "1 Kirk Polka. Polka earned his shot at the gold by winning a number 1 contenders event with AJ Styles.
After months of #notmychampion post from the SRG Universe, (many feel
John Polverino is the true heir to the title by winning a much larger GenCon event that pre dated the actual title), would have his chance to silence the non believers and defend his title.
General Manager John Calace he seemed to support Sammi throughout his tenure as champion, switch side when Polka was named number 1 contender. Calace who had bad blood with Polka had set aside there differences over a contract negotiation that among other things set the match to be a no dq match. This took away the draws champions advantage.

And the match underway.
The Draw (championship)  vs AJ Styles (champion of Kickstarter)
starts by locking the champ in an arm bar. He then sends him
Into the turn buckle and hits a splash in the corner. Sammi tried to rally back with a jaw jammer, but is stopped with a lock up. AJ drops the champ with the STYLES CLASH! Go for the cover and the champ NO SELLS breaking out before the 1 count. The Draw rallies back with an elevated arm bar, then slams the champ into the barricade. He goes for a blindside choke and get hip tossed by the challenger. Sammi grabs his trademark baseball bat and swings at the challenger, who counters with a single leg crab. The Champ rolled through the submission and locks in the Stretch muffler, the crowd chants Tap! Tap! Tap!, JUST before tapping out AJ Breaks the Hold. O-V-E chants break out,
Too sheep chants break out! Crowd is on there feet.
Aj battles back tossing a rolling forearm, but it's counters with a snap headlock, the champ takes over with a ladder setting up for something extreme! The 2 take a huge bump, and Sammi Rises again with the baseball bat! This time it connects.

Your winner and STILL, you LFF World Champion. Sammi Callihan.
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"Going Over" is live 2/23/20


Myself, Pat Mulligan, and John P all need to have a word with you.