2019 Baseball HOF Inductees Announced

Started by Queensryche, January 22, 2019, 10:29:33 PM

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History has been made and a strong class for the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame has been announced. Our inductees are:

Edgar Martinez - The first full-time DH to make the Hall. His election has set a precedent, because now full-time DHs will be seen as warranting election. He put up some amazing numbers, and the award given to the best DH each year bears his name.

Mike Mussina - Put up excellent numbers and overall excelled at pitching. He was initially hurt by the fact that he didn't win a Cy Young, along with the fact that he got lost in the shuffle due to pitching the same time as guys like Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson. But after some time, voters realized he was worthy.

Roy Halladay - Won two Cy Youngs, one in the AL and one in the NL, pitched the 20th perfect game in baseball history, became only the second pitcher to spin a postseason no-hitter, and overall was outstanding. The years he had with the Phillies will always be in my memories.

Mariano Rivera - The greatest closer of all-time, no doubts about it. Not much needs to be said. Also made history by being the first unanimously elected player. I compare that to something like a 16-seed beating a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament: I thought it would never happen. Now both have in one year.

Anyone else have thoughts about this year's class?
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