Author Topic: evolution thoughts?  (Read 830 times)

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evolution thoughts?
« on: October 30, 2018, 08:38:08 PM »
I was very skeptical going in. But it is hard to shake the stigma from watching wrestling from late 90s up until a few years ago. However, these were some fantastic matches and I absolutely loved the Mae Young classic finale. Becky vs Charlotte was outstanding as well. I really could not stand all of the back patting that the WWE did between the matches but that was my only complaint. Overall I loved it and would like to see them do it again.
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Re: evolution thoughts?
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2018, 10:29:14 PM »
I thought it was pretty good. Had a touch of nostalgia from the attitude era to kick it off, and Becky vs. Charlotte.....just from the sheer brutality for a women's match probably was as good as Sasha/Bailey at Takeover a few years ago. I kinda wish they would have just had those 2 main event, because the Ronda/Bella story line was lame and I could tell this even without watching Raw or Smackdown the last month.  :P
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