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Backlash Podcast Presents King of TCO Tournament

Started by Scotty, June 04, 2020, 05:47:53 PM

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Discord: MightyBP
Time Zone: EST
Available Lackey Hours: late nights (8-9 PM starts), some weekend evenings or morning.

100% reason to remember the name.

I'm the reason the hood need a dental plan.


Goldberg (64F) pins The Man (3F) with a Goldberg's Jackhammer


Arn Anderson (57F) wins via countout over John Morrison (34F), after a 3 hour Iron Man match.
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Playing on Lackey? I'm on US Eastern Time; you can check what time it is for me here.


It would be sweet if there was a link to a recording of this!




Round one is complete! See updated bracket in main post.



Round 1 is now officially over. You all have until next Monday morning to complete Round 2. Good luck participants!


Round 2 has wrapped up. We're into round 3 now. You have until Monday to get your matches in! I'll tag everyone with a pending match in Discord.


We are on to the Final Four! Best of luck gentlemen. You have one week!


This week we wrap up the inaugural Backlash Podcast Presents King of TCO Tournament with the finals consisting of Niiiiiiicks The Texas Rattlesnake vs Dilberts Arn Anderson. Both men are deserving of the title, but only one will claim it!

Good luck!


TTRS pins Arn!

Awesome tournament to everyone! This might've been one of the fastest online to date. Its awesome we have a much better program now to play on, and a much more motivated group of players. One of the reasons I came back was because there seemed to be a huge uptick in interest in the game, so I hope we keep the momentum going and keep this awesome game running!


Congrats niiiiick on the big win! Feel free to pick our prize and send me your address so I can mail that out. No guarantees that it makes it to you in 2020  ;D

Thanks to all participants for playing and a huge thanks for everyone for being able to keep it on time and getting your matches in!