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Raw Deal Scotland - 29th April 2018

Started by redyellowedge, May 02, 2018, 05:39:14 AM

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Tournament Report: Raw Deal Scotland 29/04/18 - Backlash

Format: Virtual Classic up to V3
4 Rounds Swiss (50 min time limit) + Top X Cut to title matches

Players and Superstars used:
Titan – Kurt Angle
JAM – Legion of Doom
Ally – Gail Kim
Mike – Nikki Bella
Richie – The Great Khali
Newlands – JeriShow
Richard – Babe Of The Year
Dave – New Age Outlaws

Current Champions
CAIRDS World Champion    – Newlands – JeriShow
Intercontinental Champion    – Joe – Dean Malenko (Absent)
European Champion       – Dave – New Age Outlaws
NOTE: If any player defeats a current champion during Swiss Rounds they will receive a credit towards a MITB style cash-in on that championship

Results from Swiss
Round 1
Dave 2-0 Titan                          Mike 0-2 Richie
Richard 0-2 Ben                        Newlands 2-0 Ally

Round 2
Richie 2-0 Ben                           Newlands 0-2 Dave
Richard 0-2 JAM                        Titan 2-0 Mike
Ally 2-BYE

Round 3
Dave 0-2 Richie                       JAM 2-0 Titan
Newlands 2-0 Ben                    Ally 2-0 Mike
Richard 2-BYE

Round 4
JAM 0-2 Richie                        Ally 0-2 Dave
Richard 0-2 Newlands             Ben 0-2 Titan
Mike 2-BYE

Final Standings after Swiss
Richie                8
Dave                 6
Newlands          6
JAM                  6
Titan                 4
Ally                   4
Ben                   2
Mike                  2
Richard              2

World: Dave By Pinfall, Dave by league performance as EU champion
Intercontinental: Dave by league performance as EU champion
European: Richie by pinfall

NOTE: Our title matches are determined by the current champions finishing position and worked down from top to bottom, if any champion finishes higher than his bracket, they will get a credit towards a MITB style cash-in for the title of the bracket they finish in. If any champion finishes at the bottom or below their bracket they will compete in a triple threat or fatal four way for their title. If there are 2 or more players not involved in title matches they will compete in a one fall Battle Royale where the winner receives a credit towards a title determined by the number of players in the match

Title matches
CAIRDS World Championship
Newlands pins Ben, who cashed in his title shot, in a triple threat with Richie to retain.
Titan cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase against the wounded champion and defeated him for the championship – New World Champion

Intercontinental Championship
Richard pins Ally in a fatal four way with Titan and JAM to win the vacated belt – New Intercontinental Champion

European Championship
Dave pins Mike to retain

Credit Battle Royale

Statistics for title reigns, cash-ins and credits, rosters, and player records can be found at
Please contact me, Liam Noble on facebook messenger, redyellowedge on TCO or Titan in the TCO Discord for access to this group

Our play group has specific rules regarding title belts:
-Only 3 players (our champions) are permitted to use them (excluding Superstar Specifics)
-During Swiss play these belts gain the text stating they do not take up a slot in your ring area or backlash deck
-During Title matches these belts are treated as backstage cards, but count as being in the ring area for other card's effects