2017 Store Championship Barrie, Ontario

Started by Eric RD, October 07, 2017, 10:52:11 AM

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Eric RD

On September 16 we held our first Store Championship tournament. The idea was to hold the event to coincide with GenCon, however with the busy summer schedules not everyone was able to make it to the initial set date.
For prizing we had a TKc with 2 sets of Classic prizing, a Santino BAS card that I was able to get signed and foil alternate art cards printed by Keith0913832 that can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJX_5vwTJzE

I played a Kane deck that used Hell in a Cell and priortized getting Journey into Darkness into my Ring for milling. Back in Classic, this was a mean deck that many didn't see coming and I won an event with it. With the changes in Virtual, I felt that this deck could still do some damage, and it did, when it worked.
Here is the playlist for the recorded events. I was able to get all 6 rounds of play thanks to charging my ipad for the duration of the event.

Round 1:
The Game p X-Treme Diva
RVD p Zack Ryder
Devil's Favorite Demon p Stacy
Kane p Rowdy One

Round 2:
RVD p Kane
Devil's Favorite p The Game
Rowdy One p Zack Ryder
Stacy timed double loss X-Treme Diva

Round 3:
RVD p Devil's Favorite
Kane p The Game
Zack Ryder p X-Treme Diva
Stacy timed double loss Rowdy One

Round 4:
RVD p The Game
Devil's Favorite p Kane
Zack Ryder p Stacy
X-Treme Diva timed double loss Rowdy One

Top 4:
RVD pinned Zack Ryder
Devil's Favorite pinned Kane

Final and the 2017 Barrie, Ontario Store Champion
The Devil's Favorite Demon
Check out his decklist http://teamcanadaonline.net///index.php/topic,16738.0.html

The day was a fun one. It was nice to see some competitive decks play against each other. We're generally not a competitive meta here, so the different tone was a welcome rare change.
http://twitch.tv/EricRD for Raw Deal streams

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Nice report - also love the 'old Kane vs. new Kane' final battle, heh.

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Great report. Always good to see players getting together and having some fun.

Well done.  ;)

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Always good times! Good variety of decks and strategies.

Interesting that we saw three double count-outs this tournament. Eric just picked up new mics so there will be less background noise for future videos.