Raw Deal Scotland - 13th August 2017

Started by redyellowedge, August 16, 2017, 12:06:01 PM

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Hi, I forgot to post a report for our last meeting, and forgot an announcement for this one, nonetheless here is the report of our most recent meeting.

Tournament Report: Raw Deal Scotland 13 August 2017

Format: Virtual Classic up to V1
3 Rounds Swiss (50 min time limit) + Top X Cut to title matches

Players and Superstars used:
Titan – X-Pac         Richard – Christy
Newlands – Triple H      Joe – Mr. PPV
Ben – Dwayne Johnson   Mike – Mickie James
Sheepy – Big Freak'n Machine

Current Champions
CAIRDS World Champion    – Richard
Intercontinental Champion    – Vacant
European Champion       – Jam (defended by proxy by Sheepy)
NOTE: If any player defeats a current champion during Swiss Rounds they will receive a credit towards a MITB style cash-in on that championship

Results from Swiss
Round 1
Mike 0-0 Titan         Joe 0-3 Newlands
Ben 2-0 Richard      Sheepy 0 (Absent)

Round 2
Ben 2-0 Newlands      Sheepy 0-3 Mike
Joe 2-0 Richard      Titan 2 (Bye)

Round 3
Newlands 2-0 Sheepy      Joe 0-2 Titan
Ben 0-0 Mike         Richard 2 (Bye)

Final Standings after Swiss
Newlands          5
Ben                  4
Titan                4
Mike                 3
Joe                   2
Richard             2
Sheepy             0

Ben – World, pin
Joe – World, pin
Mike – EU, pin
Newlands – EU, pin
NOTE: Our title matches are determined by the current champions finishing position and worked down from top to bottom, if any champion finishes higher than his bracket, they will get a credit towards a MITB style cash-in for the title of the bracket they finish in. If any champion finishes at the bottom or below their bracket they will compete in a triple threat or fatal four way for their title. If there are 2 or more players not involved in title matches they will compete in a one fall Battle Royale where the winner receives a credit towards a title determined by the number of players in the match

Title matches
CAIRDS World Championship
Richard vs Ben vs Newlands vs Titan
Result: Richard Pins Ben

Intercontinental Championship
Mike vs Joe
Result Joe pins Mike

European Championship
No contenders

Credit Battle Royale
No contenders

Statistics for title reigns, cash-ins and credits, rosters, and player records can be found at www.facebook.com/groups/RawDealScotland
Please contact me, Liam Noble on facebook messenger, or redyellowedge on TCO for access to this group

Our play group has specific rules regarding title belts:
-Only 3 players (our champions) are permitted to use them (excluding Superstar Specifics) and tag team superstars may hold singles titles
-During Swiss play these belts gain the text stating they do not take up a slot in your ring area or backlash deck
-During Title matches these belts are treated as backstage cards, but count as being in the ring area for other card's effects


I would be curious to see Titans Xpac deck.