<R> Tajiri Mostly Kick Party!!!!! any suggestions are welcome

Started by kaiten619, May 19, 2017, 09:59:59 AM

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1   <R> Backed by The Sinister Minister
2   <R> Talk is Cheap
1   <R> Slow the Match to a Crawl
1   <R> Ring Psychology: Chest
1   <R> Ring Psychology: Head
1   <R> WWE Heavyweight Title Belt
1   <R> SummerSlam
1   <R> A Ruckus At Ringside
3   <R> Spinning Kick

3   <R> Only One Solution: Revolution
3   <R> Lateral Flank Defense
3   <R> Head-to-Toe Defense
3   <R> Centered Defense
1   <R> My Way
2   <R> Off Your Mark
1   <R> Inertia
2   <R> You Telegraphed It
1   <R> Two For the Show...
1   <R> Buzzsaw Kick
1   <R> Japanese Buzzsaw
1   <R> Tajiri's Asian Mist
1   <R> Tarantula
3   <R> Kick
3   <R> Pump Kick
3   <R> Superkick
3   <R> Spinning Heel Kick
3   <R> Drop Kick
3   <R> Flying Kick
3   <R> Standing Drop Kick
1   <R> Desperate Assault
3   <R> Homicidal Lunge
3   <R> Shoulder Block
3   <R> Overexposure
3   <R> Knee Lift
3   <R> Chop to the Chest

by all means suggestions are welcome. i want to make this super consistent and stronger. also getting more chest target cards is not too bad if it goes that route


First,in Revo, Mid/Pre Match are still 6 packed/3 played
female dog WHAT LINE?!


Quote from: necrobaron75 on May 19, 2017, 12:18:57 PM
First,in Revo, Mid/Pre Match are still 6 packed/3 played

He has the 6/6 for Revo.  Let me clean it up:

1   <R> Backed by The Sinister Minister
1   <R> Ring Psychology: Chest
1   <R> Ring Psychology: Head
1   <R> WWE Heavyweight Title Belt
1   <R> SummerSlam
1   <R> A Ruckus At Ringside

3   <R> Spinning Kick
2   <R> Talk is Cheap
1   <R> Slow the Match to a Crawl

That looks like 6/6 to me.



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female dog WHAT LINE?!