World Wide Store Championships?

Started by Eric RD, February 10, 2017, 01:21:37 AM

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Eric RD

With the talk of the Raw Deal World Championship coming to Gen Con in August and a majority of players unable to attend, I propose a world wide store championship event on Saturday August 19.

The idea is to bring the international community together by having the best of the best play for the top prize in the game, promoting the feeling that this isn't a typical tournament for the players' local scene. Raw Deal has small communities scattered all over the world; what better time to bring us all together?

What are the thoughts of doing a prize kit specifically for this event? The kit could include some promos and alternate art cards that are generally only accessable at Gen Con, and maybe even an exclusive card for the store champion that day.

I believe with the head start we have before August, everyone can arrange to have a tournament on the same day, and it will be a nice throwback to when there were world-wide qualifers in Raw Deal's hayday of yesteryear. for Raw Deal streams

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I'm all for this plan! Obviously every group should have the 'prize' guy so internal prizing shouldn't be too difficult.  but if there is an official support from the virtual committee, it will really make the 'world' event more literal! :)


Before anything, Gen con is no "local championship" I pay way too much money and travel way to far (probably more than I should) to play in that tournament and be lucky enough to win a championship that has been their for over 15 years. People across America and Canada attend, and everyone is invited, including anyone from Singapore. That is why it's called Worlds. It's up to the world's players to be able to attend. Let's not downgrade the integrity of the event. Gen Con is the WORLD Championship. As 50 something thousand people attend their from across the world. Anyone from Singapore is welcome to come, you don't need a qualifier anymore, just a plane ticket, a badge and your A-game.

That being said, I'm all for it. I always was under the impression that if someone won a tournament they were the champion of that store till next week. But if your proposing a once a year event, where you play a different format (such as Worlds 3 deck format) and a maybe once a year different tournament kit. But like I received last year, I received an alternate art card for the new WWE World Heavyweight belt that was renamed the "2016 Raw Deal World Championship"
We shouldn't have a bunch of those going to local stores. We would have another Daniel Bryan/Kane "No, I AM the world champion!" Situation.

But if you feel Singapore can hold a massive once a year event to name the top guy of Singapore, or any country that wants to do that then by all means that sounds great. That's what the heyday qualifiers were like you had mentioned. I will love to see that happen. If anyone knows me, I care about larger numbers and competition more than an easy event
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Quote from: JaZ on February 10, 2017, 01:21:37 AM

promoting the feeling that this isn't a typical tournament for the players' local scene.

Not trying to start anything, but I don't think he called GenCon a 'local championship' at all. The post is also called "Store Championships" so there wouldn't be 15 World Champions running around, just Store Champions. GenCon can continue to be the best of the best, but not everyone goes there every year.

We're just looking at adding ways to keep Raw Deal engaging for the entire community (like the recent Superstar Strategy Discussions do) and to create a way for everyone that comes to TCO to support the game to have a chance at a small reward for doing so.


I think it's a good concept that takes nothing away from the GenCon events, but promotes events at the same time in areas around the world.  I like it!

As we start lining up promos and such, we'll see what can be done in this regard.

I'd suggest that in the meantime, managers who wish to participate should make sure they are 'current' in their area (announcing events, reporting results, etc.) so we have the most accurate information to plan and assist.

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It's not a bad idea, if nothing else it gives the local playgroup something to shoot for each year.....hell we should be doing that with the NJ/Allentown/LI would spice up the local tournaments if we ran some kind of mid-season championship like that! Anything that keeps people playing is a GOOD thing!
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