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Legendary Realms Supershow Tournament Report 1/24/17

Started by MrPeoplesTeam, January 26, 2017, 01:58:20 PM

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Steve Resks very own home turf legendary Realms holds a weekly tournament every Tuesday and sadly I don't often, really ever, get to attend due to R.L.I, but tonight there was a very special occasion; ANTHONY GANGONE HIMSELF was in attendance! Showing support in the game, signing some goodies and even participating in the event! Its not every day the former House Of Glory Heavyweight Champion comes to town, so John P had to make a rare appearance for his best friend.

Everyone who came to the event got there very own Gangone Set autographed by the man himself! I even had a blank Spectacle card that he happily signed for me as well. Extremely cool indeed

I do wish I could play more often then I do, I miss doing this on a weekly basis, but stuff happens. It does have some cool feel to it going into a place where the name "John P" actually isn't known all that well, so it made for a pretty fun tournament! On top of that I was honorary GM for the night, so I had some fun in the meantime!

Legendary had 12 players tonight

John "MrPeoplesTeam" Polverino- Johnny Gargano
Chad 'Maadenmann" Gropack- The Gold Standard
Dosmo Thompson- Master Dosmodious
Chris Pagillo- AJ Styles
John Cardello- Ms. Terious
Steve Wagner- Night Terror
Steve Resk- Rahz El Dazzle
Jordan Hershkowitz- Dayna Might
Pat Mangels- El Blanco Diablo
James Canty- Ricochet
Jason- The Magnificent Mr. Rey
Anthony Gangone- HIMSELF!

Round 1 (Straight 2 out of 3, no ENTRANCE cards allowed)

VS. Dosmo Thompson (Master Dosmodious)

The debute of himself, Dosmo obviously was playing Master Dosmodious for the event, and I had no idea who or what he did. Turns out his ability is SICK, almost guaranteeing a Blatant Chokehold somewhere down the line, His finishes however are less than par, but with an ability like that you really can't overpower him too much.
Rolls were not in the favor or the Master, I believe I took both games after a Slingshot with 1 Crowd meter each  and Johnny Gargano takes this series 2-0 and advancing to 1-0 for the event!

Round 2 (Game 3, each participant receives a Random competitor, They gain that players Gimmick AS WELL as having the option to REPLACE their "5 Stat" with whatever The chosen Competitor is!)
This round turned out pretty cool, only 2 sets of games went to a 3rd game, Seeing 3 different competitors switch their 5's with 10s, so format successful!

VS. Steve Wagner (Night Terror)

Night Terror is the Anti-Christ of all that is Supershow, the single reason a card like Blatant Chokehold is even attempted to be used. Like Master Dosmodious, with a gimmick like that you really can't have INSANE support for finishes, but he still has a finish that says It can't be stopped with a Bump, so he still can give some heart attacks!
Both games were extremely close, with the 1st game coming down to an unstoppable Bump In The Night, 2 Crowd Meter rolling an 8 going to a 10. I somehow Rolled a 10 on the 3rd breakout, surviving the game. Later hitting an unstoppable Full Mounted Choke myself with a +3 Crowd Meter.
The 2nd game came down to pure luck, I came down to 2 cards in hand and the crowd meter at +1 after a Thankful botched 7 Roll on a Sleep walk from Night Terror. I hit Full Mounted Choke with the +1 Meter, literally said the words "For the Love of God, Please Roll a Grapple"
And I did just that, 10 +1 = GG
I win this Series 2-0 and advance to 2-0 overall

Round 3 (Each 1-1 matches are ONE game elimination, with the 3 remaining 2-0 Players playing in a Triple Threat for the right to  position in the FINALS!)

VS. Chad Gropack (Gold Standard) VS. John Cardello (Ms.Terious) First fall to a finish

Triple Threats always equal high anxiety, different things happening at different time, double teams coming at the worst moments. The crowd meter got to 3 in this one. With Gargano hitting The Hurts Donut on Ms.Terious and Gold Standard saying "I don't want to bury my 9 card hand, I will leave this one to chance"
The Chance rolled me a TECHNIQUE, which gave me an 8 +3 which equaled 11. Only way out was to tag team a roll on the 3 count, which to my luck didn't happen
Gargano takes the pin and advances to the Finals with a 3-0 Record

Now i say finals because at this moment Chad Gropack holding a 2-1 record had to leave, where there would have been one 3-0 and five 2-1's now became one 3-0 and four 2-1's. Which made things a lot easier, if he had stayed I would have needed Steve Resks help sorting out all that Chaos. So that being said

Round 4 (Fatal 4 way Elimination between the remaining four 2-1's)

Steve Wagner (Night Terror) VS. John Cardello (Ms.Terious) VS. Jordan Hershkowitz (Dayna Might) VS. Chris Pagillo (AJ Styles)

Having the BYE I sat back and watched this chaos unfold as it was hands down the most entertaining game to watch of the night. Current Legendary Heavyweight Champion Jordan H using Dayna Might gets eliminated first, followed by Chris P using AJ Styles. Finally, with a Crowd meter FIVE, (yes, I said 5), Steve W using Night Terror Bumped himself into the Night, or should I say into the finals, eliminating Ms. Terious and setting up a sweet early tournament rematch!

**While the 4 way was going on, after Chris P was eliminated, we decided to have a friendly (not so friendly) exhibition game in the mean time. A history has it, Chris is a very skilled Supershow player, but, has yet to defeat John P in a single game (I believe I was up 5-0 or something, all time, on him) and I was kidding around with him saying "Man you didn't make the finals so i guess we can't see if you can't actually beat me" so we decided to play one out**

OH MAN this game was funny. At the end of a bunch of shenanigans, Gargano won SO MANY turn rolls, between his ability, turn rolls and flip cards. Gargano had 0 cards in deck and AJ Styles (Yes, the one that has two 10's for his turn roll) had 4 cards in hand and 1 card in his discard.
The Crowd meter was at 2 thanks to 3 different Gargano finishes, the ending being a silly 9 to beat, and AJ not rolling it. So I guess this makes it 6-0 Chris, till next time  ;D

THE FINALS: GANGONE RULEZ! (In honor of Anthony being there tonight, The finals will be played Anthony Gangone being the special guest Referee, which means his ability is in play for both competitors)

Due to Supershow Double Elimination rules, my 3-0 was an advantage, Though the finals was 1 fall to a finish, technically If Night Terror would beat me in the game, we would play again. So I would have to loose twice, and he only once. Cool advantage right? Well, Wrong

VS. Steve Wagner (Night Terror)

Game 1 was scary, Gargano didn't take really any turn rolls, and any one of them he did get he got stopped. The game ended FAST after a Sleepwalk Rolled an agility (10) and I failed to match. We are going to sudden Death.

The true finals game was a lot more intense, We both Stopped each others finishes before we reluctantly bumped and Steve won the roll and hitting an unstoppable Bump in the Night. Getting a 9 on the finish roll but luckily Gargano kicked out of this one. With Crowd Meter one I hit the Slingshot, getting my own 9 for my finish roll, adding to a 10, Night Terror Kicks out on 1!
Both players then STOP another finish a piece, but Gargano having a sweet ability, I'm able to hit Flying cutter, Adding cards to my hand and picking up the Full Mounted Choke. With Body Scissors already in play, I nail an unstoppable Body Scissors, rolling TECHNIQUE, 8 + 2 Crowd = a 10. Still beatable.
This time though, Night Terror goes down.

Your winner of tonights Tournament, John "MrPeoplesTeam" Polverino using Johnny Gargano!!!

First place took home $35 Store credit which I greedily used on some SuperShow Singles that I needed. Second place got $25 and prize support was given out throughout the participants.

Overall a very successful event for a John P who sadly only gets to play once in a blue moon, amazing time guys!





The Challenger John Polverino (Johnny Gargano) VS. Legendary Realms Heavyweight Champion Jordan Hershkowitz (Dayna Might)

His nice little belt allows him to choose to add +2 to either Strike, Grapple or Submission before the game begins

......  >:(

He chooses to add +2 to GRAPPLE giving him an 11 stat

Gargano Strikes first with the Hurts Donut, Rolling a mislay AGILITY which is a 7, The Champ quickly kicks out and we go to Crowd Meter 1.

Dayna Might proceeds to then Beat my Turn Roll Grapple (10) with her now 11 GRAPPLE skill  :-\ Sigh

Dayna Might plays Smacked with a Shovel, Ultra Tech when defending a title, I easily could have stopped it but Stopping it causes a DQ and him keeping the belt, so basically its a free Finish thats left up to chance. His Finish roll is an 8 so Chance seems pretty high for Johnny Gargano


I fail to roll a single 8 and this ones over, Botchamania runs wild on this one!

A very Anti-Climatic finish to a Championship Match, which might just be for the best because if I had won it I would have flat out CM Punk'd that title and left the company considering how unoften I actually can attend, So Jordan being a regular there, its best he kept it. Apparently he has some success being the champion, as I believe they said he held that title for almost 3 months now, pretty impressive baring the fact that the belt gives such a big advantage to the skill points!

So overall a still successful day taking home the challenging tournament victory and the awesome prize support that came with it. It was amazing meeting Anthony Gangone and having him sign some stuff!

Till next time, Stay tuned as a very important Announcement is to be made in the next upcoming days!
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