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9/20/16 Legendary Realms Event

Started by Steve Resk, September 21, 2016, 05:46:15 PM

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Steve Resk

12 players

Hammish MacDeath
Snake Pitt
Johnny Gargano
Rob Graves
Gropar The Great and Powerful
Masked Llama
Anthony Gangone
Night Terror
Dayna Might

Too Bump? Or not to Bump? That is todays question. Deny thy turn to replenish thy hand is the strategy.

Today at Legendary Realms, I am running the Hammish MacDeath, we have a great turnout for a Tuesday night of 12 players plus 3 new players learning Supershow.

Round One :
Since we have a player running late I'm put into a triple threat match, versus Johnny Gargano and the Mercinator. GM declares it will be an elimination match, he makes a special ruling that after any Elimination the Crowd Meter will raise 1. I have a unique advantage in this match, being Hammish MacDeath I can opt out of bumps, set my hand up, which gives my opponent the option to attack another player. This is extra effective when we triple bump, because I can force my opponents to target each other. Maybe even eliminate each other, while I safely build up my hand.
I try to hit both my opponents with Exit, Hugged by a Bear several times before it gets locked in. It leads to a near fall on the Mercinator. He battles back into the match as I selectively opt out of turns grabbing my follow up stops. Gargano sets himself up for an Atomic Clothesline but Mercinator TKO's him with a Bullseye. The Mericnator and I battle back for a few turns before I drop him with the Scottish move.

Round 2
Vs Ricochet
3 Game Set

Game 1
James has been running Ricochet from his release, when there were just 3 flip cards in cards 1-27. Over time Ricochet would become a force to be reckon with. The first game, I jump ahead early with a falling powerslam, then I counter his 630 with a chicken wing Zack Sabre Jr. style. I hit the middle rope and nail the Horns of Falstaff. An 8 Finish roll puts this away early.

Game 2
James says this is how his last match went, and is confident he can come back.
This is a great match up, every time I opt to use my Gimmick I give Ricochet the opportunity to flip some cards and replenish his hand. So o must be very selective. He has a bunch of opportunities to put me away but I keep on breaking out. Eventually with 0 cards left in his deck he is able to push through an Argentine Stretch and force a tap out.

Game 3
Special Guest Referee Lorenzo Manicotti, which means both of us get to use Lorenzo's Gimmick.
Will Lorenzo call it right down the middle or will he favor one of us??? Turns out neither one of us pack ANY cards that shuffle the deck. So he calls it right down the middle.
This match will start at level one being that it's game 3.
Early on he sets me up with a belly to belly suplex to grab himself a press slam. He throws a back breaker and I let it hit since he has nothing significant in his discard pile. He flipped a 630, off the back breaker and nails it for the win.

Round 3
Vs Johnny Gargano
Game 1
We meet again after our Triple threat. This time my stage is a Cage!
The Steel cage shuts my whole Gimmick down, and only half of his. However my deck is heavy on flipping cards which could give me the advantage. Johnny tosses me around for a little bit. I cant seem to maintain any offense. I bump into a counter with a falling Powerslam, and hit him with the Scottish move out of nowhere! This game is over fast in shocking fashion.

Game 2
I've give my opponent the option of entering the cage again, and he accepts. This game has much more back and fourth as we race to exit. I hit the Scottish move early flipping 6 ( and removing them from the game). He kicks out, but I maintain the offense and put him away with Exit, Hugged by a Bear.

Round 4
At this point we have 2 undefeated facing off, and Iam set to face Max Bruder with the Masked Llama.

Game 1
Bruder is taking a break from the Mallot Swinging Freak D2, and boy the Llama is on the loose. Game 1 is a runaway. I managed to fend off a 360 Reverse Diving Hoof Tackle, but shortly after I get planted with an Alpaca Driver.

Game 2
Hammish is not going to take that beating lightly, my event is on the line and I am fighting hard. We have a solid back and fourth match up, but I manage to absolutely steal this one with a Horns of Falstaff.

Game 3
The GM decrees it will be a Strap Match. Both us are tied together with a leather strap restricting how much we can move. Our momentum is tied together on this one.

The Stipulation.
Max handsize 6.
Whenever a player wins a turn roll, all players draw 1 card.

You get to see a lot of cards very fast, however you hand is very restricted. This one is going to be a slugfest. I come out the gate swinging, and I don't stop. Masked llama has no answers for me in this one. Scottish Move. MacDeath 3:16 says. Something witty in Iambic Pentameter.

We are off to the semi finals match.

Ricochet is the sole undefeated and the finals are left with myself, Snake Pitt, and Liger.

The GM declares the following contest will be scheduled for 1 fall. Whoever pins an opponent or counts out both opponents will advance to face Ricochet for the number 1 contender.

The stage is set for great triple threat match, All 3 of us have excellent Gimmicks in a triple threat. Liger just needs 1 lariat against any opponent to pump up his Skills, Snake Pitt can pump up his Skills when he is behind ANY opponent and as stated before I can selectively opt out of the action. (Even though this is not as effective in a first fall match, as it is elimination it still would prove itself very useful).

My Strategy here, use my gimmick as much as possible to pick up a stop and a Finish. Liger jumps ahead with an early lariat and seems to be dominating. I insist on pushing through a Scottish move and can't seem to Hit it. Just when it seems to hit on Liger, Snake Pitt buries his hand to make the save. This puts him Gimmick in effect and he battles back. Liger begins his onslaught. Liger drops me with a Donkey Lariat and I manage to kick out. Snake Pitt and Liger go at it for a while, and I throw the Scottish move over and over. Finally it Hits on Snake Pitt. He breaks out right before the 3 count. Next up, is a Lariat Bomb for Snake Pitt. The Crowd is pumped up to Level 3 so this one ends it with a 13... But Hammish Makes the save and breaks up the pin. All three competitors have thrown everything they have in this one.  Snake Pitt begins to take control. This design is piloted by Thomas Giuliante. A design he calls Sui-Pitt. The tech is to combo with his Gimmick adds use cards to add to  his turns rolls. The fight is taking  to the outside of the ring, and we scramble to Finish one another. Liger goes for a Liger Tamer on me. With just 1 card in hand and 0 cards in deck, Snake Pitt comes in with the save and drops liger with  a Fallaway slam. Snake Pitt manages to slide into the ring, and scores the double count out.

Thomas Giuliante Snake Pitt.

Thomas Giuliante Snake Pitt vs James Canty Ricochet.

Since James is undefeated, as per the GM Thomas must win 2 matches to win the event. James must win just 1 to earn a shot at  William Wagner's  Amazing Red.

Final Round.

Just like that.
Ricochet is the number 1 contender.

Ricochet w/ Vinny the Voice

#1 Punch #2 Lock Up #3 Headlock #4 Kick #5 Hip Toss #6 Armbar #7 Knife-Edge Chop #8 Belly to Belly Suplex #9 Split Finger Lock #10 Headbutt #11 Arm Drag #12 Rear Chin Lock #13 Duck 1 - Take 1 #14 DDT #15 Bear Hug #16 Shoulder Block #17 Suplex #18 Sleeper Hold #19 The 718 #20 Press Slam #21 Leg Lock #22 Clothesline #23 Backbreaker #24 Strangle Hold #25 Dropkick #26 Fallaway Slam #27 Double Armbar #28 The 630 #29 Backslide Driver #30 Argetine Stretch.
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