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Started by rated SRH, June 05, 2016, 09:35:58 AM

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rated SRH

As the dust settles from the 2016 ACMT, congratulations Creed. We now look towards Gen Con & the debuting format War Games. Now here you will find everything you need to know about the newest format. This is NOT a final draft of War Games. As there may be some things brought to light by the Raw Deal community. War Games is scheduled for Sunday at 10 am. Tickets are available for this format.

****War Games****


-All Backstage cards will be allowed to be packed.

You may only pack two pre-match cards and 12 mid-match cards.

-Teams will be chosen at random. After teams have been selected each team may pick the order of entry.

-Two teams of four superstars.

-First two participants get two NON Venue NON Stipulation SPECIFIC  Pre-Match cards. *Includes Factions

-Players entering 3rd-8th get one NON  venue NON  stipulation SPECIFIC card. *Includes Factions

-First to Tap Out Match TB will be in play after all eight participants are in.

-Coin toss will determine which team receives the one man advantage. That will be held after the first five turns of play. After that every two turns a new person enters.

-If you're pinned before every participant is in you will remove five random cards in your ringside. Then shuffle your ringside into your deck.

-Once all eight participants are in the first team to successfully play Maintain Hold on a non reversal restriction submission or TMF meeting the requirements  will win the match.

--Maintaining a Submission WITHOUT A reversal restriction or TMF is the ONLY way to win.

- Removed cards are your own. For example you can't hide 10th Anniversary and recover a teammates Divine Intervention.

-Cards that target (Opponents Like Born of Hell fire will foce the entire team to over turn 6 cards

-Cards played will go into your own ring area. Your team would only net the Fortitude for moves. Example: Kane plays Great Technical Knowledge and Kurt Angle is his teammate. Angle would NOT draw for the card since he didn't play the card.


-Maneuver fortitude will be shared.
-Actions & Reversals will require your own fortitude.
-Any player may attempt to reverse Maintain Hold by discarding two cards and overturning one card.


-Reversals will deal no damage. Unless they have the RMS.
-This will be VC eligible Superstars only.

Banned List
-Armageddon is Upon Us
- Yo, Kill Da Beat
-World Champion Athleticism
-Any Enforcer Superstars
-Any Diva/Female Superstar
-Big Freak'n Machine

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